Top 10 Sydney Culture On this week 30/12/2018

It’s time now for some self-reflection, Sydney. It’s safer this way. You don’t want to reflect on your behaviour after the events of New Years.


10) Sotheby’s Institute of Art Informal Information Session

2nd January

What: Professor Jos Hackforth-Jones, CEO of Sotheby’s Institute of Art and Director of Sotheby’s Institute of Art London will be hosting an informal information to discuss more about Sotheby’s Institute of Art across our London, NY and LA locations.

Why: A hell of a way to intellectually and artistically redeem yourself from that thing that happened on New Years. You know the thing. The thing with the tortoise shell you thought was hollowed out. Well…maybe not entirely hollowed out. But you were, at the time, almost entirely sure there wasn’t anything living in it.’s-Institute-of-Art-Informal-Information-Session/a455aff0-0ba1-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


9) Reflecting Nature: An Art Exhibition

5th January

What: A traveller at heart, artist Bianca ventures into places unknown, yet strangely familiar with her art, inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in strange lands. Her detailed eye gives her the ability to study and understand the natural environment and its forms, colours, patterns and shapes.

Why: We assume by the artist brief the exhibition is just a room with a concrete pit and an oily seagull slowly choking to death on a plastic Twix wrapper inside.


8) Big Fish Little Fish New Years Eve Glitter Ball (For Kids)

31st December

What: It’s a New Years rave for kids with a favourite ravin’ mad DJ – Nik Fish! Expect a dance floor, bubbles, glitter cannons, giant balloons and parachute dance finale, kids craft tables with giant mural and themed crafts, a face painting stall, snacks & hot food, a toddler play area with tents and tunnels and a baby chill-out space with mats and baby activities.

Why: For all you new young parents, don’t be surprised if every adult there is dressed in a trench coat in the 35 degree weather. It’s New Years. There’s only so many flasks of whisky you can strap to your legs under your pants before people start assuming you’ve developed several genital tumours.


7) New Year’s Eve Family Fireworks

31st December

What: Head to the picturesque beachfront of Lady Robinsons Beach and watch the amazing fireworks explode in the sky.

Why: New Years. Family style. It’s that special time of year when everyone can cut loose, get drunk and revel in bright lights, loud noises and intoxicants to forget both about the past and the future. Except you. Because you have children. Living, breathing, whiny constant reminders of the fact that you screwed up in the past and your future just shit its pants. Again.’s-Eve-Family-Fireworks/171559f0-0ba7-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


6) New Years Eve at the Museum

31st December

What: Celebrate New Years at the Maritime Museum! Bring your friends and family and mingle with the shark sculptures, join the flash dance mob, have fun with roving character performers, enjoy the Kombi photo booth, face painting, bubble artist, DJ, and be wowed by Razed in Flames the acro-fire duo.

Why: Yes! Bring your sweet young children to this aching reminder of the fact that that which Sydney depends upon – stunning ocean vistas and unique sea life – is a sucking mass of mercury and bleached coral corpses.


5) The Opera Gala on New Years Eve

31st December

What: Step into the magnificent Concert Hall to watch the Opera Gala, a concert of popular arias by Verdi, Puccini, and Rossini, with Sydney’s New Year’s Eve fireworks at interval.

Why: If there’s one small complaint we have about the Sydney Fireworks, and we’re sure Sydney dogs will agree, it’s that they’re assaultively loud. Well, good news, you’ll be able to spend an hour and a half building up your tolerance to perversely loud noises with some bloody Opera. And feel fancy doing it.


4) 2018s Last Dinner & 2019s First Meal: A Degustation by CHEFIN

31st December

What: Joined by celebrity chef Tom Kime, who hosted Jamie Oliver’s wedding, you’ll be treated to delicious canapés and a prized menu that showcases the best of Kime’s dishes. End the year with good company and even better food at Chefin.

Why: What better time to acknowledge the glaring fact that humanity must seek to morally reign in its excesses than with a man elevated to godlike celebrity status because he can cram your gullet with duck fat for exorbitant amounts of money?


3) Space Ibiza On Tour

1st January

What: The annual infamous underground house and techno night of music is celebrating its 9th birthday with a killer lineup headed by none other than the king – Carl Cox.

Why: There’s no better way to vibrate your colon so violently that the sick mixture of whisky, beer and grease that you shoved down your throat the eve before comes pouring out the other side.


2) Falls Festival Byron Bay 

31st December-2nd January

What: Capturing the essence of the Australian summer spirit, the Falls music festival embraces diversity, sustainability and community within a contemporary music event like no other. Featuring Catfish and The Bottlemen, CHVRCHES, Vance Joy, Hilltop Hoods, and Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals, First Aid Kit, Rich Brian, TOTO and many more.

Why: It’s a melange of music acts so diverse, you won’t even be able to remember the ones that have been accused of violent racism, tax evasion or spousal battery.


1) New Years Eve in the Park 

31st December

What: Sydney’s best NYE Festival NYE In The Park returns to the picturesque Victoria Park! A night of live music across two stages, dancing, gourmet street food and affordable drinks in a spacious, relaxed setting.

Why: Nothing says ‘spacious relaxed setting’ than sitting in the shadow of a vast old stone University up to its ailing eyeballs in elitism.

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