Top 10 Sydney Culture On this week 30/09/2018

You spent Labour Day removing a large section of your capacity for intellect and culture via whisky, Sydney. Time to make reparations.


10) Puppets with Personality!

2nd October

Yes. They have personalities now. We’re doomed. Let your child create their own puppet with real tools and then as soon as you can, throw that living nightmare into a bloody woodchipper before it kills you.!/3fe40ab0-c66b-11e8-b14f-a713526e5192


9) The Legend of Dunhuang

2nd & 3rd October

A story of love, honour and hope. Just keep repeating that to yourself whilst you watch nearly two hours of modern bloody dance.


8) Mental Health Month Film Festival

4th October

Go nuts. And it’s free! A series of films related to the fact that having a mental illness is sure fun to watch. There’s a reason why you still visit your dementia-ridden grandmother. and it’s not because you’re a good person.


7) MindBodySpirit Festival

4th-7th October

All at once. You’ve spent a great deal of time numbing yourself as to the existence of at least two of these things at a time, so perhaps spend one day considering the value of incense and healing rocks. It’ll make your depression seem all the more valid once you leave.


6) Sydney Craft Week Festival 

5th October

From weaving techniques to textile awards to exhibitions dedicated to contemporary wool usage, these crafty bastards will certainly delude you into thinking the pursuit of contemporary art in the form of rabbit skin, glue, white pigment and chalk is definitely worthwhile.


5) Sydney University Modernist Public Art Walking Tour

3rd October

Modern art? Exercise? What’s not to love? On Instagram. Everyone will love you on Instagram.


4) In Motion : Rhythm

6th October

Sounds exhausting, doesn’t it? But don’t worry. You won’t have to engage in any kind of horrifying militant work out. This isn’t a 12-step program. This is a biennial exhibition turning the streets of Marrickville into a show of live art, projection and street performance.


3) Craft Beer & Cider Festival

6th October

The clue’s in the title, ace. with live jazz, food pop-ups and over 60 beers and ciders, this weekend is sure to go down on your list of explanations for that growth on your liver.


2) Ladies in Black – Screening & In Conversation with Bruce Beresford

6th October

A brilliant new film about an iconically Australian time in history with an in-person conversation with the director, production designer and costume designer. And, even better, it ends at 5.45pm and it’s on George street. Plenty of time to fill an evening with both insightful culture and getting blasted.


1) Sydney Good Food 20th Birthday with Sydney Greats

4th October

And what a birthday it’ll be! Because this one has been eating for 20 years straight, it’s morbidly obese and looking down the barrel of a gun filled with whipped cream by Sydney’s greatest cooking legends. The best parties are always the ones right before a major gastric bypass. So dance, drink and enjoy the greatest culinary geniuses.

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