Top 10 Sydney Culture On this week 29/07/2018

Dogs, booze, literature, and a Spacewoman named Stacey. Set your affairs in order, Sydney. This is a weird ‘un.


10) Dog Lovers Show

4th-5th August

Barking mad? Or just desperately lonely and unable to form relationships with actual human beings? Well, they’re one and the same, really. Here it is, folks, featuring headline shows by Dr Chris Brown, Dr Kat Warren and many others, competitions, Nickelodeon’s Paw Patrol, tributes to hero dogs and a dog adoption zone. Woof.


9) Shoalhaven Readers’ and Writers’ Festival

4th August

Yes…it’s just like Byron Writers Fest only smaller, over one day and, hell, you might even gain some actual recognition here. Ha! Just kidding. This one’s for the kids. A day dedicated to encouraging youth into the world of the written word and an endless future attempting to compensate for your failed dreams.’-and-Writers’-Festival-2018/ed629a60-8f09-11e8-8b65-f3b5b6d8a99e


8) Royal Art Society NSW Ballot

4th August

Wanna spice up that dead space above your new toilet? Well, come on down to the RAS Society’s NSW Ballot – an exhibition and auction of NSW’s finest new artists.


7) Australian Clean Energy Summit

31st July-1st August

Oh, come on it’s not that bad. These things have pretty good deli spreads and you need some way to make up for the fact that you release more carcinogens finessing your quiff in the morning than a small independent nation.


6) Poetica – A Night For Wordsmithing

1st August

Ah, the spoken word. What other paradoxically base and highbrow form of expression could so encompass the human condition? Well, there are hot dog eating contests but those generally come around summer time. Meanwhile, Poetica is calling upon you. They want to hear your words. Open mic; 3 mins; original poetry; liquor.


5) Syd Ports Meet

29th July

Vogue, darling. Vogue, vogue, vogue. To all creatives, photographers and models, this is your chance to strap yourself into your most architecturally unstable outfit and strut on down to the Art Gallery of NSW in a walking shoot to glaze your most egotistical narcissistic dreams.


4) Darren Sylvester: Out of Life Exhibition

29th July-4th August

A world of authenticity, life and death based upon a sci fi space suit named Stacey. No, you haven’t somehow traversed the conscious barrier into one of Rod Serling’s more conventional daydreams; you’ve entered Sylvester’s exhibition of a lost Hollywood moment, featuring Stacey, an unknown woman trapped forever inside a B-Grade film set.


3) 2001: A Space Odyssey 50th Anniversary 70mm Film Screening

29th July

Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do. I’m half crazy all for the love of you…Ironic, isn’t it? A 70mm retro tribute to the futuristic annihilative magnum opus of one of the most prolific directors of all time. Seems more relevant than ever as we trudge forwards into the most backward-facing political climate in recent history. Ah, Daisy. It’s been fun.


2) Everything in Between Opening Night Celebration

1st August

Seeking the dynamic, the bold, the beautiful; anything but the norm but everything between and beyond, the SPACE gallery is holding their opening night wherein you’ll meet cutting edge artists…and get hammered with them.


1) Byron Writers Festival

3rd-5th August

A stellar line up of 140 predominantly Australian artistic visionaries, more than 150 sessions during Festival Week and an audience of approximately 12,000 people. With all that literary puffery crammed into one beachside town boasting numerous cliffs overlooking sharp rocky descents into an endless salty abyss, what could go possibly wrong?

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