Top 10 Sydney Culture On this week 28/10/2018

Get ready to laugh, Sydney. Taylor Swift is here. On an unrelated note, there’s a couple of world-famous comedians and a dragon.


10) Women In STEAM with The Studio

1st November

Boy, they’ve really not thought that title through considering the wrong way in which it could be interpreted and the capacity for reading details those who may misinterpret it possess. Nonetheless, they’ve gone for it. A roundtable of sorts discussing ways in which to make it easier for young women to enter into the disciplines of film, engineering, video games, digital design and coding.


9) A Midnight Visit

28th October

An immersive experience like no other – part choose-your-own-adventure, part performance, part playground, part sound world – with over 30 rooms to explore freely and a cohort of troubled characters to encounter on your journey. An ever changing dream inspired by the works and worlds of Edgar Allan Poe.” But we do want to make a small disclaimer here, there will be no niece-banging on the menu.


8) Urban Stories 

1st November

Or as ‘urban’ as ‘urban’ gets in a city like Sydney wherein wearing a beanie whilst sporting an improperly styled beard is considered edgy. A live story and screen event featuring up-and-coming artists’ works in progress inspired by urban life.


7) The Savoy Presents: SCREAM (Halloween Edition)

31st October

Don’t have sex, don’t drink or do drugs, don’t say “Ill be right back”, “Hello?” or “Who’s there?” and, for the love of god, don’t make a sequel.


6) Bitter & Twisted Boutique Beer Festival

3rd & 4th November

How passive-aggressive. They’ve named this festival with a comment on your attitude when you’re completely plastered. At least you can take comfort in the fact that you don’t have to pretend to be a happy drunk at this festival of craft beers. They’ve already accepted your innate anger.


5) Sydney Indie Film Festival 

31st October

The description’s really in the title, there. But don’t get confused. This isn’t Hollywood studio-funded indie, this is indie indie. In other words, expect to be underwhelmed, confused and hear far too many Woody Allen-esque voice overs.


4) Carl Barron: Drinking With A Fork

4th November

We’re not proud to admit it, and we understand the inherent blending of structure and random happenstance that informs this gentlemen’s comedic style, but we have, in our past attempted to drink various concoctions with the aid of a fork. In our defence, we felt it a more elegant way of fishing out those damn martini olives from the bottom of the glass.


3) Anh Do: The Happiest Refugee Live Tour

31st October

He’s the comedian that you introduced to your racist grandmother in an attempt to assure her that not all non-white people are actively monsters. It didn’t work, but at least you got a laugh out of it.


2) Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour

2nd November

Yes, she’s here. Can we move on?


1) Dragon Dreaming

2nd-5th November

10 years. 10 long years. It’s felt like 10 long years since the last Game of Thrones season. But, hey, we’ve still got a couple months to go before that glorious moment of mass-produced masturbatory fantasy. So, in the mean time here’s the music version. Taking place one of the most snow-adjacent areas in Australia, Dragon Dreaming is a family-friendly celebration of art, music, nature, self-expression, and the fact that we’ll do nearly anything, including watching re-runs of David Attenborough documentaries drunk, to pass the time until we can all stop pretending to be able to face reality as it stands.

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