Top 10 Sydney Culture On this week 27/01/2019

Rinse your balls, Sydney. Your eyeballs. For this week it’s their turn to feast. Don’t worry, there’s also a lot of dead pig.


10) NOTHING LASTS FOREVER: a love story

1st February

What: NOTHING LASTS FOREVER is a one-woman cabaret-cum-play that defies genre and cuts dangerously close to the truth. It’s a shout into the void, a cry of hope for all the heartbroken girls and boys standing alone in the crowded rooms of the world saying maybe, just maybe – we’ll be okay in the end.

Why: Ha! No. This isn’t your sad high school friend’s suicide note. For one thing, unfortunately, no one dies in the end.


9) Story Party True Dating Stories 

29th January

What: At the award-winning Story Party you will hear true dating stories that will make you feel better because it could be worse. You’ll hear stories about ghosting, unwanted pictures, splitting the bill, cat-fishing, heart-break, and “I can’t believe these are true stories” from professional storytellers.

Why: It’s like accidentally running in to your depressing neighbour…but…you know it costs money.


8) Housing Law: “The Eviction” Public Housing Documentary by Blue Lucine Screening

1st February

What: A special screening of the film, The Eviction. “A Sydney community band together and risk everything to save their homes from a forced NSW Government sell-off.” The Film will be followed by a Q&A session with the director.

Why: It’s one way to morally compensate for the fact that you accidentally stepped on some homeless guy’s fingers in your rush to beat the cloud of screenwriters wafting towards your favourite cafe.


7) Sprout: The Conservation of Energy Panel

2nd February

What: Sprout is the first Australian solo exhibition by Taiwanese artist Tseng Ying Tung who is well known in Taiwan and China for his textural Papier-mâché works. He will introduce Australian audiences to his interpretation of energy and the symbiosis of human and nature through a new body of work.

Why: Or skip the tepidity of the art gallery and stick your head out your window. That burning ball of gas hacking up phlegm behind black exhaust fumes’ll give you a pretty good indication as to how energy, humans and nature currently interact.


6) Please Explain: Gender + Art in China

2nd February

What: The first Please Explain panel for 2019 reflects on Xiao Lu’s practice and examines the representation and misrepresentation of gender in contemporary Chinese art. The panel will debate and dissect how museological and curatorial structures have contributed to how gender has been portrayed in contemporary art from China.

Why: You might want to bring a recording device to this thing. It’ll have a lot of good phrases for the next time you’re trying to get laid…but we doubt you’ll be able to remember any of them.


5) Oliver Beer In-Conversation

30th January

What: Join British artist Oliver Beer in conversation with Caleb Kelly as they discuss relationships between sound, space, voice and architecture in Beer’s new exhibition ‘Impossible Composition’ at UNSW Galleries.

Why: Sorry. We know we said beer and we didn’t mean to mislead you. But on the upside, it’s far easier to smuggle in the amount of liquor you’ll need to enjoy this in the form of whisky.


4) The China/Avant-garde Exhibition

1st February

What: Thirty years on, what is the significance of the China/Avant-Garde exhibition? Since the forced closure of the exhibition, after Xiao Lu fired a gun at her installation Dialogue and a subsequent ‘bomb threat’, no comparable exhibitions of Chinese experimental art have been held at China’s premier art gallery. Come discuss and reflect on the exhibition and its legacy.

Why: Just a heads up to whatever shady government entity tracks red flags, we’d like to reassure you, the greatest lengths we’d ever go to to threatening a contemporary art exhibition is by appearing at one sober.


3) Havana Nights Down Under

1st February

What: You’re invited to celebrate the dazzling shows from the Tropicana in Cuba all the way to the Paladium in New York to the music from the Buena Vista Social Club. This spectacular show will have you enthralled, engaged and entertained.

Why: Bring your grandmother! That old racist never liked you and all that up tempo dancing is sure to cause a very satisfying coronary episode. And, as they’ve said, don’t forget your dancing shoes. Summer time is a lovely time for a Mambo on a grave.


2) Mocking of Christ Premiere Screening

28th January

What: An award winning Macedonian film screening, accompanied with Macedonian cuisine and music. Don’t miss out on this fantastic night at the movies!

Why: We haven’t told you the best bit. This film is controversial as hell and not with the people you’d think. Mainly because you know nothing about Macedonian or Greek culture. But what’s better than proving your intellectual street credit and gorging on whatever constitutes Macedonian food? Oh yes, not having to talk to anyone there because it’s a film screening.


1) Lunar New Year Moving Feast

31st January

What: The Galeries are celebrating the year of the pig with lion dances, local artists and pop up food & beverage stations. Sydney-based freelance illustrator Freda Chiu has collaborated with The Galeries to create an illustrative narrative behind the Year of the Pig and a custom Pig Out food stand will give attendees the opportunity to pick a lucky noodle box with a treat inside!

Why: We know the word we used in the title. ‘Moving’. But don’t worry. This is ‘moving; insofar as your insides will be moving between digesting pork and digesting a modicum of a culture in which you’re too lazy to really invest yourself. In other words, we’d never ever force you to engage in exercise.

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