Top 10 Sydney Culture On this week 25/11/2018

Glue on your monocles, Sydney. It’ll keep at least one of your eyes open for this week’s deep dive into the art world.


10) In Conversation with Julia Gillard

28th November

What: Senator Kristina Keneally and Julia Gillard will be in conversation live discussing Julia Gillard’s time as Prime Minister and her work since leaving politics.

Why: Perhaps halfway into the evening one of them will break down, screaming wildly about her fear of death and irrelevance and trying to get support for her Kickstarter campaign to fund her own wildly unnecessary biopic.


9) Switzer Income Conference Sydney

29th November

What: This conference offers an opportunity to hear from some of the smartest finance minds in the country on how to maximise your investment income without taking too much risk.

Why: Nothing says ‘I’m a smart investor’ like paying to spend a whole working day in a conference centre listening to other ‘smart investors’ surreptitiously plug their business ventures.


8) Research Meets Practice Symposium

30th November

What: An evening of ideas and discussion with emerging art theorists and artists who will present their recent research and discuss key ideas in contemporary art theory.

Why: You will be able to research a way to creatively hide a flask on your person so you’re able to find contemporary art theory hilarious rather than a version of torture.


7) ‘Lazarus Rising’ Exhibition by Apeseven

30th November

What: ‘Lazarus Rising’ is an emotive art exhibition depicting Apeseven’s journey over the last 18 months. After breaking his leg in a serious accident George (Apeseven’s real name) had to re-learn how to walk. The title, also the name of his largest work in the show is a symbol of renewal after tragedy.

Why: Look, it’s a modern art exhibition about a tragedy. So you can appear cultured and like you have some kind of empathy for other human beings. Two birds with one stone.’Lazarus-Rising’-Exhibition-by-Apeseven/e11e1e90-f044-11e8-b14f-a713526e5192


6) Arts, Agency, Action: An Advocacy Workshop for Artists

28th November

What: A roundtable discussion on how the artistic community has to start to engage in the political sphere in order to keep itself afloat and how.

Why: Gone are the days when getting high in your hole of an apartment whilst intermittently murmuring ‘fuck the government’ meant you were automatically an artist. Ha. Just kidding. Those days’ll never be gone.


5) Talkin’ About Talkin’ About Art

28th November

What: A writers round-table facilitated by Tai Mitsuji and special guest Judy Annear. The two writers will first unpack their approach to writing, before all of the attendees engage in a discussion on the art of writing about art.

Why: Nothing complements a purely visual experiential piece of art like a bunch of people with their heads down, concentrating not at the art itself but at how intelligent the words they’re currently writing on a blank pad of paper will make them sound.’-About-Talkin’-About-Art/913aa730-f045-11e8-b14f-a713526e5192


4) NSW Theatre Gathering 

27th November

What: Join your NSW theatre industry peers for an afternoon of talks, workshops and networking, led by Sydney Festival Director, Wesley Enoch. Consider your place in the world and the theatre industry.

Why: Discuss your roll in the creative, artistic and intellectual world. You know, other than being a thirty year old who still lives with their parents.


3) L’Etape Australia 

30th November

What: L’Étape Australia provides amateur riders with an experience as close to riding in the Tour de France as it is possible to get with fully closed roads and a mountainous course that is the equal of a mountainous stage of the Tour de France. Riders on both the Race and the Ride will start and finish in Jindabyne. 

Why: There’s nothing better than appropriating the French. We all know how great the film The Tourist was.’Etape-Australia-2018/c2401cb0-8192-11e8-b2e5-cbd173431c8c


2) A Gritty Pretty Colour Experience With CHANEL

27th November

What: This exclusive and experiential beauty event will include interactive moments for you to try CHANEL makeup and fragrance. Discover luxury cosmetics and how to wear them whilst enjoying French champagne, Australian wine and delicious treats.

Why: Because if there’s any way to remove the moral ambiguity of wildly unfettered and unnecessarily decadent consumerism in an economy currently crushing the weak and vulnerable, it’s looking good doing it.


1) Inland Sea of Sound Festival 

30th November-1st December

What: A major festival of music, arts and culture staged in an iconic location on the original Corroboree grounds of Wahluu – Mount Panorama.

Why: If you’ve ever wanted to breathe in the joys of free expression mixed in with the heady aroma of 8 decades of exhaust fumes, this one’s for you.

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