Top 10 Sydney Culture On this week 23/09/2018

The winter’s gone and the heat is coming. Throw out the Dettol and get ready to fester Sydney. Sorry – festival. There’s a lot of festivals. And Dettol can often be harmful to your delicate skin.


10) Bohemian Harbour: Artists of Lavender Bay

1st Sep-25th Nov

Ahh Lavender Bay. A bay with absolutely no Lavender. Sometimes things don’t add up. It is at these times when a barrage of artists tend to descend upon the situation to make us even more confused. An exhibition of the generation of artists that were inspired by the non-lavendered Lavender Bay.


9) CWA in the City

24th Sep

Ah, but not the actual country. We would never pitch you that. You chose the city for a reason. Because even the suggestion of hard physical labour would likely cause you several heart attacks and a fatal stroke. And we just can’t afford to be liable for that. No, Studio Enti Dinner Series is bringing you a 6 course feast inspired by pie-based country fare.


8) ART HOUSE at Crack X Festival

28th Sep

A real cracking time, this’ll be. No, we’re not apologising for that. You know we could’ve sunk much lower. We’ve gone colonic before. This is a step up. Art House is an evening of intimate and spectacular performances of experimental art and music.


7) JP Jones – Portraits of Sound

26th Sep

Described as a ‘musical alchemist’, this guy has…well. Okay, we’ll be honest, it’s difficult to describe: “Through laser technology JP Jones projects onto canvas the unique moving sound patterns of individual musical tracks. In capturing in paint these patterns, Jones identifies  their ‘sound signature’ which then forms the structure and base of his works“. So…if you’ve ever wanted to see Elton John distilled into pure light particles beyond physicality…you probably need to cut back on the weed.


6) e v e r y – w h e n : Sensory displays of affection & alight

20th Sep-6th Oct

Nope. You may need to cut back…but you’re not that high. It’s impossible to be that high. It is really called that. Well we’re already down this rabbit hole so “We are all interconnected through the fabric of time, the entanglement of space, and the molecular structure of matter and particles that weave and shape our ‘Mulitverse’. I am investigating how we could visualise and pictorially translate that cosmological fabric or ‘Multiverse’ through drawings, natural matter and coil woven objects, to form a multilayered visual landscape that poetically asks us to look down at the infinitesimal details of nature, and feel the beauty and poetry that quietly surrounds us ‘every –when“.


5) Siteworks 2018: micro

29th Sep

A microcircus and tiny gods, dancing spiders and nanobots — are you ready for the new world that awaits us?” No. Frankly, that sounds at the very least underwhelming and at the very worst effing terrifying. But, hell, it’s cheaper than therapy so come to Bundanon’s annual spring fair that brings scientists and artists together to discuss the future and your perfectly understandable but still somewhat troubling insane paranoia.


4) Lavazza Italian Film Festival

11th Sep-7th Oct

Mi dispiace, ma non parlo bene l’italiano. But we are culturally aware enough to know that there’s something violently wrong with the fact that the closest we get to speaking Italian is passable impressions of Marlon Brando. Stop stroking your chin, Sydney and come to the monthlong celebration of experimental and classic Italian film.


3) Palestinian Film Festival 

20th Sep-4th Nov

Yes, we usually start off describing a cultural event with a fun phrase from the requisite culture being presented…but…you know…the NSA and all. Experience the best in experimental and classic Palestinian film in this monthlong festival.


2) Manly Jazz Festival

29th Sep-1st Oct

Sax on the beach. You know how it goes. Though we don’t believe this year James Earl Jones will be manifesting as a cumulonimbus. Sorry to disappoint.


1) Cher – Here We Go Again! 

26th Sep

Oh, boy. We’ve never been advocates of the exclamation point. However, in this case it seems her tour managers have had the foresight to preemptively dictate how we would otherwise inflect the tour name in our heads. The pop icon and exclamation point enthusiast is back.!-Tour-2018-Sydney/a1f53330-57d2-11e8-93ea-bfdb9889e3bf

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