Top 10 Sydney Culture On this week 23/06/2019

We’re launching you into the celestial sphere. But not before a lengthy stint in the vinosphere.


10) Art Battle

29th June

What: Artists have 20 minutes to take their canvases from blank to beautiful, battling not only the clock but each other as well. Watch the paint fly before your eyes as the creative process unfolds and help vote to determine the Champion!

Why: Nothing says ‘legitimate artistic expression’ like a twenty minute time limit.


9) Exhibition Opening: The Invisible Hand

27th June

What: With work from Australia, New Zealand, Korea and Japan, this exhibition explores current and projected complications and contradictions in the digital realm that increasingly oscillate between technological evangelism and scepticism.

Why: What better way to achieve some sense of clarity concerning the complex technological era in which we find ourselves than with a bunch of nebulous new media abstract art pieces?


8) Madama Butterfly 

28th June-10th August

What: Graeme Murphy’s arresting new production of Madama Butterfly is a contemporary look at Puccini’s alluring heroine. Fragments of film flutter across the stage, creating a dynamic backdrop for Murphy’s vision of Butterfly. He draws on his roots in choreography to capture the grace and gravity of a tale that begins in rapturous love and ends in the cruellest heartbreak.

Why: Paedophilia, teen pregnancy, suicide, a white chick named Kate, it’s all there. If only they didn’t have to sing everything.


7) AFTT Festival of the Creator

28th June

What: The Festival of the Creator is a celebration of the emerging creative arts professional from AFTT’s community of filmmakers, actors and live production crew. This on-campus festival provides the opportunity for students to claim their space as creators of a vibrant collection of performance, digital and cinematic projects.

Why: If the Sydney Film Festival is about discovering fresh talents birthed from the Australian performing arts scene, consider this an exhibition of stillborn fetuses in jars.


6) NSW Winemaker Wine Fair 

29th June

What: A celebration of local wineries, vineyards and producers that make this state so vibrant! A selection of winemakers from NSW will talk about their wines, their vines and what drives them to produce the styles of wine that excite. The Grazing Co are back again with another amazing grazing table for when you need a break from tasting.

Why: There’s no better time to receive an education concerning the intricacies of wine-making than when you’re absolutely tanked.


5) Muriel’s Wedding The Musical 

28th June-1st September

What: Muriel is coming back to Sydney! This big, brash and very cheeky new musical will play a strictly limited season at the Sydney Lyric Theatre. Stuck in a dead-end life in Porpoise Spit, Muriel dreams of the perfect wedding – the dress, the church, the attention. Unfortunately, there’s one thing missing. A groom. Following her dreams to Sydney, Muriel ends up with everything she ever wanted. That’s when things start to go really wrong.

Why: Revisit an era when it was plausible to move to Sydney for a better life.


4) Stargazing (Live) with Brian Cox and Julia Zemiro

24th June

What: Hosted by Brian Cox & Julia Zemiro, this special celebrates the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. Do you have a pressing question that you’d like to see Brian Cox and guests answer live on set? Perhaps about the moon, the future of space exploration or what you would ask an astronaut? Come be a part of the live studio audience!

Why: Record yourself framing an intelligent question for posterity. Then feel free to commence your quick descent into intellectual obsolescence away from prying eyes.



29th & 30th June

What: A collection of short performances, installations, artworks and extraordinary music.This year’s PLATFORM brings together exciting informal works by a wide range of artists from different disciplines who will unfold the inside and outside spaces of the gallery across three levels.

Why: A melange of contemporary artistry all in one space. Visit this for 20 mins or so and consider your cultural and intellectual vat refilled for another week at least. Then go do something you actually find entertaining.


2) A Flock of Explosions

29th June

What: A night of art, music and poetry in the newly established Garden Lounge creative space in Newtown. The basement will be illuminated by Gareth Jenkins’ backlit film-font creations. 15 years of artmaking, writing, film and sound works echo through this richly layered body of work. Rounding out the night, musician Dreamgirl and the Motorist (Wollongong), with special guest TiaJuana, will grace the space with their blend of dark, atmospheric pop.

Why: Gather your loved ones and head into the bunker. This concentration of hipsters has an incredibly low flashpoint.


1) Vinosphere 

24th June

What: Showcasing some of the finest, newest and coolest wines from all around the globe, this is an extraordinary opportunity to taste over 500 wines from more than 150 producers. And chat to the people who made them.

Why: We’ve never heard of wines being described as ‘cool’ by anyone over the age of 13. Fancy venue? Expensive wine? Cool. They’ve clearly done a brilliant job with their promotional vernacular.

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