Top 10 Sydney Culture On this week 22/07/2018

From eco-warrior to 80s scrape to drunken gourmand; we expect this’ll be first week you end constipated, face down drunk in fish net stockings, reeking of moral pride. But certainly not the last. Not if we have anything to do with it.


10) Beat The Bottle

22nd July

No, this isn’t AA. We’re Australian for craps sake. There’s a reason why AA is an American thing. When we drink, we drink with legitimate moral purpose. With the aim to keep our beaches clean from plastic waste. Yet another reason we don’t play beer bong, aside from the glaringly obvious fact that we don’t need a bloody college game to get drunk.


9) Indoor Plant Warehouse Sale and Party

28th July

Okay, just…hear us out. You buy a bunch of these little guys, place them near a window or balcony, wait ’til the sun hits you just right…and you’ll have an all-purpose photo that’ll make you seem like a healthy functional human being. Just make sure you don’t accidentally reverse your camera. No one needs to know what you did last night or why you needed ten bottles of creme de menthe and that many deceased hamsters.


8) Cry-Baby

21st-28th July

They got it, baby. They got it RAW.


7) Lucia di Lammermoor

23rd & 27th July

The diva is returning home. No, they haven’t excavated Holly Valance. Thankfully. One of the only three Australian sopranos to sing the role of Lucia, a bride living in the cold Scottish moors who descends into blood-drenched operatic madness (who would’ve guessed), Jessica Pratt is bringing her stratospheric vocals to the Sydney stage.


6) New Collection Release Party

28th July

Calling all fashionistas. You’re looking a little…like you haven’t spent money in the past hour. We’ve got just the thing you need. Food, drinks and a new on the scene street culture fashion brand that’ll have everyone believing your tattered outfit and fingerless gloves are truly a product of a harsh deeply affecting existence and not a one hell of a fat inheritance cheque.


5) 12 Days of Christmas in July

22nd-27th July

Over seven nights, The Oak will be counting down the days of Christmas to the holy Friday eve starting with Sunday Goose done two ways – roasted and grey, Monday’s pineapple passion donuts, Tuesdays beery Stella Artois tree, Wednesday’s taco times, Thursday’s 5 course degustation and finally Friday: The biggest party in the East.


4) Sydney Rock ‘n’ Roll & Alternative Market

29th July

Time to turn back the clock and get retro, you coked-up, crazy copacetic cats. Wait…no, just the last three. Sorry, we forgot this isn’t actually the 80s. So come down to Manning Bar, get buzzed and get old school branded in a fantastic tribute to milquetoast nostalgia that purifies the act of reminiscence to a nigh delusional degree. You know. Uni life.‘n’-Roll-and-Alternative-Market/c4b67bf0-8cab-11e8-8b65-f3b5b6d8a99e


3) Ryoji Ikeda: micro | macro

22nd-29th July

Impress your friends and condense all of your intellectual input into one cataclysmic collision of art and quantum physics. You know, like that time you photographed yourself at one of those maniacal military work out classes before spending the next hour in the free sauna wondering about the bacterial integrity of the complimentary free trial week sauna slippers.


2) Bondi Feast

24th-28th July

10 nights. 60+ performances. 150+ artists. So, conservatively, that’s about 100 chances to get lucky. Better bring some electrolytes.


1) Pop-Up Laneway Cider Orchard

19th-24th July

Ahh…it’s like something out of Anne of Green Gables. Only with booze. Truckloads of booze. So more like the reality of Canadian potato country.

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