Top 10 Sydney Culture On this week 21/10/2018

Contortionists, plastic hearts, giant disturbing seaside baby-Buddhas. What a time to be alive.


10) Mocktail Burlesque: Halloween Edition

24th October

We know. However, this’ll be the one time of sobriety when you can brush up on your sexiest Burlesque moves just so you have something to pull out from your back pocket other than the Safety Dance when you’re no longer quite so sober.


9) Contortion Course

23th October

It’s exactly what it sounds like. Learn how to stretch your body into all manner of strange positions in preparation for the not-too-distant future wherein property developers will have us living in 4×2 metre plexiglass cubes.


8) Confessions of a Serial Killer

26th October

Nope, not the title of the next world leader’s autobiography. Rather, this is a guided whodunnit wherein rather than having to figure out a series of clues, you’ll walk through a Halloween-adjacent night and attempt to probe the actual serial killer for clues. Good practice should you ever find yourself in the studio audience of Question Time.


7) Jordy Kerwick – Outro

25th October

A still life exhibition of abstraction of domesticity and literary references. “Life, stripped bare”. We don’t quite know what the fuss is about. Our living room floor is already strewn with depressing literary masterpieces and we do not consider ourselves artists. Though the stain pattern on the carpet wasn’t easy to achieve.


6) PLASTIC HEART Solo Photography Exhibition

24th October

A “mixed media body of works that play with the idea of the transparency and ephemerality in the age we’re living right now“. We know. You’ve already seen the devastation that twitter can cause. But think how much you can legitimately use the prefix ‘meta-‘ when you tweet photos of yourself at this exhibition.


5) Life Drawing & Liquor

23rd October

What could be better? Naked people, wine, without the pressure of wondering whether you’re good at sex. And you can claim to be cultured, rather than childishly perverted.


4) Land of Dreams by Alexandra Plim

24th October

An opening night of drinking to celebrate yet another in this week’s artistic buffet. Explore the newest on the Sydney art scene and pretend as though you’re not just there to avoid the extortionist price of Aldi wine.


3) Pink Group Exhibition

21st-28th October

Seven artists celebrate the complex, contradictory and implicit power behind the colour pink.” Ok, yes. We know you you’ve been to a carnival before with a teacup ride, ate too much fairy floss and held your own complex, contradictory, powerful celebration to the colour pink. But we assure you, this a far more dignified and photo-worthy affair.


2) Oktoberfest in the Gardens

27th October

Sounds far more charming than: ‘a festival celebrating a culture we’re still vastly uncomfortable with, mitigated by vast quantities of beer’. There’ll also be stalls, roving performers, a sideshow alley and a silent disco to make you far less aware of your actual motives.


1) Sculpture by the Sea Bondi

22nd October-14th November

Yes, folks, it’s that time of year again. As Sydney-siders we’re all aware of the time wherein experimental sculptists will dot the beach walk of Sydney with their work and we all pretend to be able to discern the good from the bad and wildly punctuate the conversation with the term ‘bourgeoise’.

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