Top 10 Sydney Culture On this week 19/08/2018

Saddle up Sydney, it’s time for big thought, wide perspectives and gargantuan cherries. Oh yeah, and Bob Dylan’s here.


10) Taboo Talk

21st August

It’s time to be BRAVE. Or at least, get sloshed before the event and wax violently lyrical about those things you’re not sure you should be thinking. Stop suppressing those dark thoughts and make your Jungian dreams a little less concerning, and come along to a space wherein you can engage in conversation and contemplate possible action in relation to matters of moral difficulty.


9) Blue: The Songs of Joni Mitchell

21st August

The rich tones, the dark cynicism metered by themes of political ideals, love and disillusionment, one of the greatest songwriters of all time…and she hasn’t been yet accused of spousal battery.  Join cabaret chanteuse Queenie van de Zandt for a night dedicated to the folk-jazz brilliance of Joni Mitchell.


8) Paul Carter: The Defenestration of POP

21st August

A raw modern style with the brutal and direct language of Vonnegut and the pop immediacy of artists such as Basquiat or Lichtenstein.” Oh, we know you well enough, Sydney, to know that the simply mellifluousness of that quote along with the mere mention of Vonnegut’ll mean you’ve already suited up in your most expensive homeless-simulating ratty designer gloves and are hailing the nearest unicycler to Wentworth Gallery.


7) UTS Big Thinking Forum: one year on from Martin

21st August

Remember, remember? Of course you do. It was the one time you were forced out of denial and had to face the reality of the deep moral cracks in our society through the steam of your gourmet coffee. Well, it’s been one year on from the Martin Place demonstration, and its time for another little reality check. Time to ask: “Have we found workable housing solutions for the cities disadvantaged, and what are the respective roles of governments, charities and society more generally in working with the homeless?


6) Love Food Fair

22nd August

“The most delicious plant-based food” fair is coming to Sydney and though your mouth may not be immediately salivating, your arteries damn sure are. Six of Sydney’s green restaurants – the Green Lion, Green Gourmet, Nourishing Quarter, Green mushroom and the Vegan’s choice will be teaming up and taking over Martin Place for a day of plant-based feasting (read: not plant-induced feasting), and environmental consciousness.


5) WE DayX 2018: Changing Perspectives

24th August

WE Act is back. Yeah..we’ve never heard them either. But to be fair, they’re Canadian and we’ve only just become aware of the existence of Canada, hanks to the recent climate, beyond the vague image of a Canadian club-overdosing moose mainlining maple syrup in a fantastically equipped hospital supported by a free healthcare system. But…we digress. We DayX is a powerful experience for pounders, proto-CEOs and NFP organisations can share their stories of change to the harbingers of visionary ideas and spur them onto the greater heights of superciliousness.


4) Eat Your Heart Out Liverpool

25th August

Yeah. Your heart will probably make like Homer Simpson’s brain and shed your mortal crap factory with this event. But we promised. With Railway Street lighting up with music, market stalls presented by The Westies, Garden Games and activities, performances by internationally-renowned Shaun Parker and Co and Public art and all the food trucks you could ever manifest in your wildest greasiest dreams, it’ll be worth it. Besides, the first heart is always a mulligan.


3) ASX Thomson Reuters Charity Race Day

25th August

Get drunk. Get bankrupt. Morally and possibly financially. All in the name of charity! It’s evil, but, evil for good. Like when kfc started selling burgers where the buns were fried chicken. Evil? Yes. Helpful in culling a few of the less contributory members of society? You betcha. Come down in your fanciest fascinator to Rosehill Gardens for a gourmet champagne lunch, 9 races and access to TAB & Bookie betting facilities that, come race 2 or 3 depending on how much champagne is being consumed in relation to actual lunch, will begin to look a whole hell of a lot less like a hole of desperation and corruption.


2) Cherry Blossom Festival

17th-26th August

A ten day celebration of blooming Japanese and Australian cultures featuring Cherry Blossom trail (including a selection of food stalls from the Cherry Blossom Food Village), Stadium Sumo, Hello Kitty Make Over Bar, Cherry Blossom Food Village, Izakaya Bar, The Zen Garden experience, SMASH! Cosplay Catwalk Show (SAT ONLY), a Peacock Gallery exclusive Festival Exhibition, biodiversity talks with Costa, Bonsai workshops, Japanese Garden guided tours, Ikebana demonstrations, Sustainability workshops AND a Market Place. Bring your loved one. You won’t even have to buy them flowers, you bloody cheapskate.


1) Bob Dylan and His Band

22nd August

Oh, we don’t need to sell you on this one. You’ve already bought the ticket.

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