Top 10 Sydney Culture On this week 19/05/2019

This week tastes real manly. Better stock up on breath-mints.


10) The New Artisans Gallery Opening

19th May

What: Join exhibiting artists Laura Noble, Jennifer Gordon, Robyn Morris, Doug Wainer, Angela Femia, Carolyn Hunter, Eric Panjaya, Cristina Harris, Olena Vigovska, Stella Pearse, Simon Hunter, Zohars Handsculpted Jewellery, Pauline Plumb and Erika Plumb in celebrating the opening of the New Artisans gallery and their first exhibition.

Why: You can say you were there at the premiere. And that’s enough intellectual credit to enable you to never visit the gallery again, but ride the anecdote until the gallery is inevitably replaced by a hipster grocery store.


9) Sneaker Con

25th May

What: This event will feature over 100,000 different pairs of sneakers under one roof with 200 vendors selling the most sought after heat. You are welcome to bring new and used sneakers to sell or trade and buy the shoes available. Don’t miss this highly anticipated stop!

Why: A whole event dedicated to feet that’s not fetish-focused? Seems like a wasted opportunity.


8) Brilliant Artists Film Series 2019 – Margaret Olley

25th May

What: Manly Art Gallery & Museum Society, in partnership with filmmakers Bill Leimbach and Richard Mordaunt, present a series of special art films on the lives of four inspirational Australian artists; John Russell, Sidney Nolan, Salvatore Zofrea and Margaret Olley.

Why: Margaret Olley. Proof that Australian art can be just as underwhelming as any of the more historically relevant cultures.


7) 1 Million Women LoveEarth Festival

25th May

What: Be inspired by world leaders and women from the front lines of climate change, sustainable fashion gurus, zero wasters and performances from superstar musicians who have spent their careers fighting for what’s right. Plus watch DIY demos on how to live a plastic-free, zero waste life!

Why: If the recent election is anything to go by, it’s clear that what the majority of Australians want is definitely steered towards environmental conservation.


6) Transitions

25th May

What: Combining percussion, light, and sound with responsive technology, skateboarders trigger an interactive visual and sonic landscape, igniting a breathtaking sensory experience. At the conclusion of the showing, audience members will have the opportunity to ask questions to the creatives and skateboarders.

Why: It’s like ‘Stomp’, but it’s free and will make you feel even more proud that you did not dedicate your life to something that has relevance only when laser-lights are involved.


5) Them Heavy People: Queering The Brown

22nd May

What: Them Heavy People is about sharing migrant stories. It’s a night to connect, rejoice and lament at the complexity of brown, black and asian diasporic lives. The night will bring together four storytellers to each tell a true story of their own. 2 Boys In Saris will serve up some hearty tongue inspiring south Asian cuisine. This edition asks: what is it like being queer and brown, growing up queer, stumbling into queerness and maintaining a connection with your community and family?

Why: Your moral tonic for the week…that’s aided by cramming your gullet full of food under the guise of being a good person.


4) Miz Cracker One Woman Show: American Woman

25th May

What: Cracker will use comedy and performance to open a discussion upon the way in which drag queens and gay men can become better allies to women in an age where feminism is more important than ever.

Why: An event concerning feminism that is legitimately enjoyable.


3) MOULD: A Cheese Festival

24th & 25th May

What: Australia’s favourite cheese festival, MOULD brings together the best artisan producers from across the country for a day of cheese, wine, masterclasses and more.

Why: In a few more years, rising temperatures will make the announcement of this festival obsolete. Just stick your head out the window and the miasma of cheese sweating in the sun will punch you in the face.


2) Taste of Manly

25th & 26th May

What: An unmissable event in any foodie’s social calendar, more than 65,000 food and wine enthusiasts will come together each year for a weekend of gourmet indulgence set in one of Australia’s most picturesque beach locations.

Why: There’s no better place to gorge than adjacent to a whole ocean begging to accept your tribute to Roman purging.


1) Vivid 

24th May-19th June

What: Vivid Sydney’s multi-award-winning festival of light, music and ideas returns to illuminate Sydney with mesmerising new light art and projections and deliver a fresh new program of music and ideas.

Why: Once again the city will be set alight and it’s not as a result of post-election riots.

Vivid Light:

Vivid Ideas:

Vivid Music:

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