Top 10 Sydney Culture On this week 18/11/2018

The jesters have control of the castle this week, Sydney. Unfortunately, they couldn’t keep Andre Rieu out.


10) The Magic of Miso

20th November

Join Takako – from Manmaru Japanese Eatery – in the Magic Of Miso, a vegan and gluten free Japanese super-food workshop where you will learn new and exciting ways to work with Miso. And, of course, new and exciting ways to feel intellectually superior to those matcha-obsessed troglodytes.


9) Taboo Talk

20th November

Taboo Talk is a real-life platform for people to engage in conversation and will, this month, be discussing “do all criminals deserve a second chance?”. That’s right. They know that thing in your pocket isn’t medicinal.


8) Exhibition Launch: A Vacant Space

22nd November

A Vacant Space explores how actions are captured by artists, and how they use these moments to question our place in the world. So if you’ve ever wanted to view the artistic process…get a job.


7) Nick Cave: In Conversation

23rd November

To mark the opening of the exhibition NICK CAVE: UNTIL, the artist will be in conversation with Matthew Anderson, European Culture Editor, New York Times. A play on the phrase ‘innocent until proven guilty’, or in this case ‘guilty until proven innocent’, UNTIL began with a question Cave asked himself; ‘Is there racism in heaven?’ Rather than providing a direct answer, Cave offers us an experience, an immersive exhibition that addresses issues of race relations, gender politics and gun violence in America, and the resonance of these matters in communities around the world.

Just a heads up here. This is American artist Nick Cave. Sorry.


6) Wolfe & Browne Unveils ‘Efflorescence’

23rd November

Local emerging Maitland mixed media artist Wolfe & Browne has created a collection that simply celebrates the beauty of blossoms. Featuring live music by Maitland’s Matt Petherbridge, a garden and art inspired grazing spread by Up Your Ally, local treats, and evocative, captivating, beautiful and colourful art by Wolfe & Browne.

You’ll be so distracted by the beauty of cramming food down your gullet in a garden you probably won’t even feel the knee-jerk boredom and suffocation that comes with the phrase ‘modern art’.‘Efflorescence’/0b3c0150-e9e3-11e8-b14f-a713526e5192


5) Film Screening & Book Launch of Imants Tillers: Journey to Nowhere

21st November

The Australian premiere of the documentary Thrown into the World, directed by Antra Cilinska of Juris Podnieks Studio, which offers unique insight into Latvian artist Imnant Tillers’ creative process and cross-cultural identity exploring his return to Latvia as neither a homecoming nor a departure, but a fertile and thought-provoking meeting of worlds.

At the very least you’ll be reminded that there is a country called Latvia.


4) André Rieu Live

21st & 22nd November

The “King of Waltz”, Dutch violin superstar André Rieu will be bringing his massive christmas orchestral set live to Australia featuring an eclectic mix of waltz, score music, musical, opera and easy listening. So if you’ve ever felt the fear that comes from a mixture of intellectual intimidation and boredom at the prospect of a violin virtuoso performing at their peak – this one’s for you. Others need not apply.


3) Rockwiz Revue

20th November

RockWiz is back and taking their unique show of sublime musicianship, comedy and rock-inspired quizzing on the road for a live studio-audience inspired show. It’s like QI for idiots. Sorry, we meant Australians.


2) Arj Barker Tour 

24th November

Australia’s adopted son of comedy, known for Flight of the Conchords, returns with his brand new show We Need To Talk. Here’s how he describes it: “Hey, you got a hour? Look, I’ve been doing a shit-ton of thinking about…us, and where we’re headed. This isn’t easy, but I need to be 100% honest with you, even if what I say makes you laugh, very, very hard. You had better sit down for this….”.


1) Bill Bailey: Earl of Whimsy Tour

19th November

The Earl Of Whimsy set showcases Bailey’s trademark blend of satire and surrealism with a distinctly historical feel featuring tales of Britain’s fortunes past and present, ancient Viking battles and Shakespeare’s contribution to comedy. The genius, polymath, virtuoso, comedian, and the longest haired bald man will be foraging for nuts and berries on stage.

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