Top 10 Sydney Culture On this week 16/09/2018

Comb your hair, gel your face, Sydney. That’ll make the things your other appendages will be doing this week seem…slightly more dignified.


10) The Casting Couch with Todd McKenney

16th-23rd Sep

…If you just got a shiver of small revulsion down your spine…just wait till you see what Brisbane has in store in terms of relics from worse times. But, we digress. Yes, an intimate night of music, conversation and songs with Todd McKenney and guests.


9) Australian Life 2018

13th Sep-7th Oct

What’s that? The entirety of the complex anatomy that is Sydney’s cultural melting pot…in one handy exhibition? Thats right, you ignorant troglodyte! Who needs move oneself to actually converse with people of whose actual truths you know nothing about when you can distill all that into one easy Instagrammable hour?


8) SWAP Awards Night

19th Sep

…exhibiting art and design objects that relate to sustainable living or waste themes, made from used or recycled material.” It’s like dumpster diving, but fancy.


7) UNSW 3 Minute Thesis Competition

17th Sep

A barrage of incredibly stressed young academics trying to blurt out the entirety of a 400000-word thesis in the space of 3 mins each AND we get to sit in the audience and laugh? Where do we sign up? Here. Sign up here.


6) MoonCake Festival Celebration

21st Sep

An experience of futuristic retail to celebrate the traditional Asian Mid-Autumn festival. Woah, hold on there. Put down the hacksaw, you psycho. We know it said ‘futuristic retail’, but we just don’t think they’ll have envisioned the live limb harvesting scenario that so clearly is on the horizon.


5) A Midnight Visit

21st Sep

Speaking of spinal shivers…”An immersive experience like no other – part choose-your-own-adventure, part performance, part playground, part sound world – with over 30 rooms to explore freely and a cohort of troubled characters to encounter on your journey. An ever changing dream inspired by the works and worlds of Edgar Allan Poe.” But we do want to make a small disclaimer here, there will be no niece-banging on the menu.


4) Kudos Live Vol. 4: Ritual Bodies

20th Sep

Slow down there, pervert. It’s not what you think. Actually…hold on…no, yes, it’s exactly what you think. “The rituals of the body will come in contact with the rituals of the performance site to expose and subvert the assumptions of both“. A night of music, dance and…look we really don’t think any further euphemistic language in necessary here.

3) Spring into Surry Hills

13th-23rd Sep

Spring is here, Spring is here! Life is skittles, life is beer! But it’s illegal to murder pigeons, so that’s where must end our rare display of legitimate joy. Though there’ll be no-now-flightless corpses to enjoy, Surry Hills will be lighting up with an arts festival featuring exhibitions, pop up performances, food, music and dance.


2) Annandale Cellars Annual Pinot Fair

22nd Sep

It’s not a chronic problem if it’s French, baby. Bon, A votre sante!


1) Good Food Month

21st Sep-20th Oct

Depressed? Cram your complex feelings and deeply murky emotional mire with blind ephemeral joy! A whole month of denying your psychological internal turmoil by creating equivalent colonic turmoil.

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