Top 10 Sydney Culture On this week 15/12/2019

You might as well stock up on laxatives now. Holiday hours for chemists are changeable and you’re going to need on demand back up for the back up.


10) Voices of Angels: The Twelve Days of Christmas

16th & 17th December

What: The Twelve Days of Christmas pairs the days and their associated gifts of the much-loved carol with beautiful music from across the centuries. Under the direction of Sam Allchurch for the first time, the Sydney Children’s Choir will perform the music of Benjamin Britten and William Mathias, alongside new music by Sally Whitwell and Joseph Twist as well as other loved Christmas songs. The choir is joined by the Voices of Angels orchestra, led by Helena Rathbone.

Why: A glorious serenade to a life of childlessness. Watch the little angels sing, the leave without ever having to clean up their diarrhoeic explosions, deal with their emotional abuse or be driven insane by that little twat, by which we mean Peppa Pig.


9) The Christmas Carols at the QVB

16th December

What: This summer, you’re invited to get into the Christmas spirit by singing your heart out to a crowd at Sydney’s iconic Queen Victoria Building. But only if your name is Carol! That’s right, the QVB is calling all Carols (Carolines, Caroles, Caroliens, Carrolyns, Carolyns and Caros welcome too!), to join The Christmas Carols. As a group, The Christmas Carols will be led through rehearsals with esteemed conductor Bek Jensen, before showcasing their classic Christmas carol during a one-off performance.

Why: We have nothing for this. Perhaps it’ll be an interesting anecdote?


8) ‘Why Not Now?’ Encore Screening

18th December

What: Alan Watts was one of the first to interpret Eastern wisdom for a Western audience and had a rare gift for simplifying complex philosophical subjects to make them accessible. ‘Why Not Now’ follows Watt’s remarkable life and weaves a fascinating story through the wealth of material and lectures that were left behind after his passing.

Why: The guy responsible for the comically superior attitude of your most gassy hipster acquaintance has a movie about himself.’Why-Not-Now’-Encore-Screening/4dcf82c0-1c83-11ea-b14f-a713526e5192


7) Sake Night

18th December

What: With the help of Melissa from Sake Connect you’ll be offered a guided tasting of 5 different sakes, where you’ll explore various styles, brewing techniques and flavour profiles. Each of these 5 sakes will be paired with a specially designed 5 course Japanese themed menu created by head chef Tuan Nguyen.

Why: Be rewarded outwardly by the cultural cachet earned, be rewarded inwardly by alcohol.



20th December

What: What do you long for deep in your spirit? Exploring the intimate process of waiting for the things that we most hope for. An experimental music-based performance devised from poetry, movement and vocal improvisation, with influences from baroque and electronic music.

Why: If what you long for deep in your spirit is contemporary live music art, congratulations, you’ve won the game. There are no more levels of intolerable hipster to achieve.


5) Whiskies of the World

23rd December

What: Whether you’re a seasoned whisky connoisseur or learning the ropes, this very exclusive masterclass with Whisky Pete from Gentleman’s Cabinet is perfect for you! Go on a journey of drams from around the globe. Beginning in Japan, followed by a short stop in Ireland, across the pond to Scotland. Then swinging by and visiting our friends in the U.S.A. and finally back home to Australia for some patriotic pride! Enjoy a two hour masterclass, immersing yourself and your friends in the art of enjoying whisky & great company.

Why: Free movement around the world in one of the only ways left: drunk and static.


4) All You Can Eat Vegan Gelato And More

18th December

What: Who said that vegan food can’t be delicious? Cremeria De Luca is ready for the challenge! Come and taste Sicilian Gelato and a street food selection during Vegan Day. The store will transform into a vegan’s heaven offering the same mouth-watering menu but made with 100% vegan ingredients. Enjoy unlimited granita, brioches, arancini, cannoli and more.

Why: Earn your morality the right way. Cash and gluttony.


3) The Rover & Love For Love

15th December

What: Two comedies of the late 17th century, in condensed versions.The Rover by Aphra Behn, the classic battle of the sexes penned by the first professional woman playwright, Aphra Behn, and Love for Love by William Congreve, a comical farce manifesting all the panache and wit that Congreve is known for – on a double bill in edited versions.

Why: Just what 17th Century theatre is supposed to be. Severely edited and twice-necked.


2) The Doss House X Archie Rose Gin Masterclass

17th December

What: The Doss House have teamed up with Archie Rose Distilling Co. to bring you an Australian Native Experience. This is a Masterclass for the gin enthusiasts to offer a fully interactive evening and in-depth experience you will not want to miss. Enjoy four unique Australian gins with a unique Australian tasting platter including Kangaroo Prosciutto, Wild Boar Salami and Buffalo Milk Riverine Blue.

Why: “Gin enthusiast” and “tasting platter” or “drunk” and “road kill”, depends on whether you’ve reached a point in your life when you’re willing to embrace your demons as a realist.


1) Street Food & Bar Tour of Central Park

21st December

What: Central Park in Chippendale is an exciting mash up of industrial charm and contemporary flavours. Until 1987 Central Park housed the famous Carlton Brewery. Fast forward to 2019 and you can sip a cold beer or cocktail inside one of its refurbished vintage buildings. Explore this exciting urban hub of hidden bars, food alleys, and eateries, and enjoy the best drinks and eats. Enjoy a poolside aperitif, street food share plates, a nightcap cocktail at a unique hidden bar, and some history snippets to give you a sense of place as well as taste.

Why: People say Sydney’s nightlife is dead. Well, they obviously haven’t heard about our guided tours.

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