Top 10 Sydney Culture On this week 15/07/2018

Hogs, princesses, stimulants and sex. It’s like a fairytale.


10) The Duchess Effect

21st July

Puff up that brisket! Archaic notions of the staunchest sexism are on their way out. But, fear not. For that is how all great fetishes are born! A day of etiquette training proudly supported by the 1800s.


9) Animal Planet at Wild Life Sydney Zoo

16th-22nd July

Bring the kids! It ought to shut em up for a few hours. And hell, you’re being a good parent, technically. Your true motivations are entirely your own.


8) Family Fur Day

15th July

Ahh, the garden of eden. A silken scarf of innocence adorning a neck riddled with hidden complexes, perversions and corruption. You know, a family. So, what’re a few dogs turds actually gonna do?


7) Machines and Macchiatos

15th July

Gearheads unite. A day of…well…exactly what it sounds like.


6) Sydney’s Biggest Book Fair

19th-22nd July

Bibliophiles, it’s time to restock your sense of superiority.’s-Biggest-Book-Fair/d86e8230-8640-11e8-a29d-3b215eb5f5c0


5) The Rocks Christmas in July Markets

12th-15th July

It’s oft said Sydney is the Paris of Australia. And why not? Words are cheap and meaningless. And fun to throw around. So GET LOST. …In the French-inspired Rocks Christmas markets by the lovely seaside.



16th-17th July

It’s….educational. Right?


3) Sydney’s Biggest Backyard On Show

21st July

Food trucks, dog walking, tree top climbing, tree planting, spartan workouts, star gazing and a complement from Sydney zoo. Come on, just go. And make sure you take evidentiary pictures. It’ll save you the cost of about a year’s worth of your children’s future therapy.’s-Biggest-Backyard-On-Show/5a71a8e0-863f-11e8-a29d-3b215eb5f5c0


2) 18th Annual Helpmann Awards

15th-16th July

Ahh, the performing arts. The cream of the artistic crop will be creaming all over the stage in an acknowledgement of their best and brightest. You’ll want a front row seat to this one.


1) Ian Moss

14th-15th July

He’s mossier than ever. Silken, bluesy, soulful, accruing a lifetime of pain and experience, this mouldy muso ain’t no rolling stone.

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