Top 10 Sydney Culture On this week 14/10/2018

Bees, Mars, limping veterans, floating worlds…and that’s just the Indie Film Festival on this week, Sydney.


10) Harvest Your Own Honey

17th October

And why bloody not? The bees are dying by the thousands. Might as well harness a few and stock up for the great honey crisis of 2020. Trust us. A jar of honey will be a solid bargaining when someone is threatening to cook your left leg in a not-far-off dystopian future.


9) Lecture: NASA – Sustaining Human Presence on Mars

17th October

Ah, we knew it. This world is on fire, ruled by a series of tyrannical idiotic bloodthirsty warmongers. So screw it, let’s learn how to live on Mars.


8) Vegan Italiano

20th October

Didn’t think this was real, did you? Some of you further along the hipster line would likely think that authentic italian food makes would baulk at the very idea of using poisonous gluten and not skinning a live cow in front of their bambinos. Yes. But you’re wrong. Turns out, the italians do vegan and gluten free better than westerners could ever want to admit.


7) Ross Lusted Good Food

16th October

And so, clearly, does the entirety of this ailing, obese country. Why not celebrate it with one of Australia’s culinary geniuses serving up the best of his fare?


6) Floating World by Penelope Oates Exhibition

20th October

Your intellectual tonic for the week, Sydney. An exhibition opening that “reflects an approach to natural forms…and their changing temperament”. It’s so bloody nebulous a description you can easily pretend to attach any manifestation of deep meaning to it. While drinking.


5) Sydney Indie Film Festival

15th October

The clue’s in the title, there. The rest of the riddle? It’s a networking event for indie filmmakers. So bring all that footage of your next door neighbour in the shower and learn how to process it properly.


4) European Outdoor Film Tour

18th October

Outdoor European adventure film! The illusion of exercise whilst sitting? The illusion of being worldly? Outdoor drinking? It’s the lazy hipster trifecta.


3) Liveworks Launch

18th October

A festival of experimental art. We know. Part of you just died. But wait a minute, they are holding a live launch with drinking. Experimental art becomes much less abrasive and nonsensical when you’re drunk.


2) Invictus Games

20th-27th October

Yes, we know. Sports. However, we do always promise to give you a dose of morality as well. And here it is. “An international sporting event for wounded, injured and ill veteran and active service personnel“.


1) Cher – Here We Go Again! 

18th October

Oh, boy. We’ve never been advocates of the exclamation point. However, in this case it seems her tour managers have had the foresight to preemptively dictate how we should otherwise inflect the tour name in our heads. The pop icon and exclamation point enthusiast is back.!-Tour-2018-Sydney/97b779e0-57d3-11e8-93ea-bfdb9889e3bf

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