Top 10 Sydney Culture On this week 14/04/2019

Honey. Ah, sugar, sugar. We’re not liable for the Type 2 diabetes you’ll develop this week.


10) Arja Välimäki: Ocean Vista Exhibition

14th April

What: Ocean Vista depicts abstracted underwater scenes where schools of fish swim and swirl in harmony. The impressionist application of a single colour per brush-stroke, each representing a fish, works to create a varied depth of field and an almost three-dimensional appearance. In vibrant blues and greens with pops of red, yellow or magenta, Välimäki’s paintings are alive with movement, texture and colour.

Why: It’s a dose of denial in the form of an art exhibition. She has not deigned to feature swathes of bleach-white coral nor the bright silver of toxic mercury-fuelled fish.


9) ‘Vestiges of the Tongue’: Art, Language and the Body Politic

16th April

What: How does art navigate the nuances between images and text? Hear from selected contributors to and curators of The National as they join featured artist Raskopoulos in an ongoing critique that traverses issues of gender, migration and globalisation, and the ways they shift between our eyes and our tongues.

Why: Well, finally. We’ve been saying for ages that scratch ‘n’ sniff deserves an upgrade. We can only assume this artistic round-table features scratch ‘n’ lick art. Although…the featured artist did once paint with her feet. Using her own urine. So, we’d suggest this is the one time it’s necessary to read the artist’s brief before you appreciate the artwork.’Vestiges-of-the-Tongue’:-Art-Language-and-the-Body-Politic/5fded290-5bfe-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


8) Good Friday Crab and Cray Cray

19th April

What: Make it a CRAY Easter celebration with Chin Chin’s Good Friday Crab + Cray Cray! Join Head Chef Graeme Hunt as he prepares a mind-blowing shared feast guaranteed to bring out your shell-fish side.

Why: It’s a night of arrant gluttony but, you know, it’s from the ocean. So morally you’re still in the black. Technically.


7) Digitarts Exhibition Opening Night

18th April

What: An exhibition to showcase and promote digital and electronic arts. It brings together artists from a multitude of different disciplines who are exploiting technology new and old to create art.

Why: You know. Like seeing a cafe full of hipsters with typewriters and iPhones. As inspiring as a Turner piece.


6) Gauchito Gil’s Malbec Day

14th April

What: Inspired by the legend of Gauchito Gil – a Robin Hood-type character who robbed the rich to feed the poor – Gauchito Gil’s Malbec Day will see the best Malbec producers from Argentina, Australia France and beyond come together for a day of tastings, tango, beer, empanadas and more.

Why:  A day dedicated to a specific fermented grape. Who knew that was a thing? Just one day? Out of the whole year? We’ve…clearly been overdoing it.’s-Malbec-Day/e68a4440-5bff-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


5) Sugar Republic Easter Saturday

20th April

What: Relive your childhood at the Sugar Republic! A huge ball-pit, a swing in a fairy-floss room, a giant jump-outable birthday cake, a mini cinema of the sweetest films, a sherbet rainbow bridge and a wall of sprinkles!

Why: You’ll also get a severe chronic case of type 2 diabetes to take home with you!


4) The Japanese Experience

16th April

What: A Masterclass for the whisk(e)y enthusiasts to offer a fully interactive evening and in depth experience you will not want to miss. Dan Woolley will captivate you in his showcase with an impressive selection of whiskeys including: Toki, Yamazaki dr, Hakushu dr, Chita, Hibiki harmony each paired with an artisan cheese.

Why: Nothing so delicately paints a complex picture of Japan as puking up half masticated cheese in a deluge of whisky.


3) Sugarcane Sunday Rum Festival

14th April

What: Talk to the people making and importing fine rums in Australia, join masterclasses with the key people making rum in Australia and maybe pick up a couple of bottles for your next house party? You can also join the Custom House bar for some island food and kitsch cocktails over a little reggae for free, grab a coconut and some island bites and tour the pop-up market or just sit back to the to reggae beats while the team make your favourite in rum cocktails whether it’s a Daiquiri, Mai Tai or even a Pina Colada!

Why: Balance the festival of new life by terminating a part of your liver.


2) The Sydney Royal Easter Show

14th-23rd April

What: The Easter Show is a celebration of Australian culture, from rural traditions to modern day lifestyles, providing unique experiences for everyone. Every Easter, the country and city join together at Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park, for nine days of agricultural competitions, animal experiences, live entertainment, carnival fun, shopping and much more.

Why: Judge the potency of a dog, decorate the carousel in bile-infused Cheese Burger Pie and romantically lather a chicken all at once. It is truly a singular event.


1) Byron Bay Bluesfest

18th-22nd April

What: Australia’s premier music festival. More than 200 performances on 5 stages over 5 days, camping, 5 licensed bars, over 100 food and market stalls, undercover food courts, beer gardens, and children’s entertainment. This year’s 30th Anniversary features the likes of Tash Sultana, Ocean Alley, Norah Jones, Paul Kelly and Iggy Pop amongst many, many others.

Why: A music festival featuring both Iggy Pop and…ska music. This is a disturbing future.

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