Top 10 Sydney Culture On this week 13/01/2019

Don’t blink, Sydney. This week will be gone in a flicker.


10) The Gut Summit

15th January

What: With an emphasis on comprehensive, entertaining & actionable information, The Gut Summit brings Australia’s greatest gut health experts to the stage for a one-day live event to give you the real deal on every day gut health.

Why: Please. Just, please ask them what the purpose of beetroot and coconut fat is in coffee. We’ve tried. We’ve tried to understand.


9) Exhibition Launch – Arthur Boyd: Landscape of the Soul

17th January

What: A new exhibition exploring the Australian landscape and a sense of place through the complex genius of Arthur Boyd. From light-filled early landscapes to tormented figures in the bush, this exhibition exposes an inner landscape and an artist’s creative odyssey.

Why: Or just visit any university campus and stare at a cafe’s coffee menu. $6.00 for a small is a pretty accurate indication of a contemporary artist’s tormented inner landscape.


8) Sydney Cebu Lechon New Year’s Takeaway Pop Up

19th January

What: Enjoy the most succulent food experience with charcoal roasted chopped pork belly (Cebu Lechon) served as meal with steamed rice, pickled relish (atchara) & dipping sauce in the lovely surrounds of the Tramsheds.

Why: How perfect. You’re already in the Tramsheds. A great place to dump your bloated fat-riddled, pork crammed corpse after your violent coronary episode.’s-Takeaway-Pop-Up/a5efd040-16cb-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


7) Exhibition Opening – Xiao Lu: Impossible Dialogue

19th January

What: This major exhibition examines Xiao Lu’s creative interest in deep emotion, extreme action, and chance and the artist’s ongoing connection to Australia.

Why: We know. Contemporary art. But this one sounds exotic enough to feature heavily on your Instagram and following every moment in which you’ve found yourself unsure as to whether you’ve said something racist.


6) Cheese Making and Appreciation Master Class

13th January

What: A day of fun and relaxed hands on cheese making with a masterclass in sensory cheese analysis where you will step through a tasting of the world’s best cheeses matched with wine with industry professionals.

Why: We’d like to make a small disclaimer, here. The term ‘industry professionals’ does not include the eulogist who will have to come up with a more poetic way to say ‘they died of a severely impacted colon’.


5) So Frenchy So Chic Sydney

19th January

What: A pop-up garden celebration of France’s epic wave of talent via an influential all-female line-up and groove under the summer sky. Soak yourself in simple pleasures and forget the outside world.

Why: If there’s one thing everyone thinks of when they think of France it’s ‘boy, they have a quality music scene’. Ca plane pour moi, mes amis.


4) Summer Festival

16th January

What: The Summer Festival at Green Square presents Matcha Teatox Workshop! Everything you need to know about Matcha health benefits including making your own in the traditional way with a bamboo whisk.

Why: Get in on the hipster wave just in time. For tomorrow they’ll likely be quaffing pints of their own piss. It’s very medicinal, you know.


3) Illawarra Folk Festival 

17th-20th January

What: Four exciting summer days of folk, world, roots, bluegrass, gypsy and Celtic music, as well as poetry, comedy and dance.

Why: We’re not ones to disparage the hyperbolic usage of language, but…they’re really playing it fast and loose with the word ‘exciting’. It is the folk music of the 21st Century. In defence of vegan methane expulsions rather than personal freedom. Though…technically that is a personal freedom.


2) Flickerfest 

11th-20th January

What: One of the leading Australian competitive short film festivals and increasingly filmmakers view it as one of the main festivals on the world circuit, ensuring greater opportunities for our Australian short film makers internationally.

Why: There’s no better way to spend time with friends and family than in a film theatre when you’re not allowed to talk to each other.


1) Sydney Festival

9th-27th January

What: 18 world premieres, city-wide free events and art in some very unusual places. Sydney Festival is descending upon summer exploding with music, theatre, dance, opera, visual arts, ideas, free and family events.

Why: Dump your awful visiting relatives in the middle of the colourful and distracting circus, sneak back home behind a troupe of street performers in offensively snug leotards and change the locks to your front door.

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