Top 10 Sydney Culture On this week 12/05/2019

We’re shoving you up the social ladder this week. Don’t forget to scream “hey mummy, mummy, look at me!”.


10) Julia Gillard: Women & Leadership

14th May

What: As Australia’s first female Prime Minister, Julia Gillard views questions about women and leadership from different perspectives, and is now building a Global Institute for Women’s Leadership at King’s College London. What are her insights on achieving real change? A discussion chaired by Jenny Brockie of Insight.

Why: Julia Gillard: proof that just because someone identifies as a party that has been discriminated against does not mean they aren’t rampant bigots. Further proof that just because something is the first of its kind in a certain context that does not mean it’s a shining example. It usually means the opposite.


9) Dardanus: A Musical Tragedy

12th May

What: Immerse yourself in the ornate Baroque music of France and Germany as Momentum Ensemble perform a selection of works by Rameau, Francœur and Fasch. The orchestral suite will capture all of the intrigue and emotion that led Dardanus to be hailed as an acclaimed operatic work, and one of Rameau’s most inspired musical creations.

Why: It’s the perfect crime. Seem intellectually impressive to your haughty perennially disappointed mother, wait for her to fall asleep within 5 minutes, then spend 2 hours scrolling through your phone whilst racking up enough relationship credit to enable you to get out of the next few major holidays.


8) Blak Markets

12th May

What: The Blak Markets showcase authentic and unique Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts and crafts, with all of the profits going back into Aboriginal communities. They are also a great way of purchasing the products and viewing the performances of one of the oldest living cultures in the world.

Why: Assuage your guilt with a canvas full of dots and some clapping sticks that you’re not sure you can play without being racially and/or culturally offensive.


7) Bondi Dog Day

18th May

What: Whether you’re a Bondi Hipster, Yogie or from out of town, all hoo-mans are welcome to come to a paw-some day, raising awareness about the importance of choosing to adopt instead of shop! Don’t have a dog? No worries, there will be a bunch of rescue groups involved on the day with dogs available for adoption, ranging from Staffies, to Pugs!

Why: Take a break from the intellectually exhausting business of being a human being and spend the day with beings whose greatest achievement is licking their balls (and occasionally yours as well).


6) .ink Exhibition

14th May

What: AIT’s annual art exhibition – .ink is an opportunity for students to showcase their works ranging from traditional art, digital illustrations, digital design, 3D printing, concept art, photography and promotional products.

Why: There’s no better solace for the overworked human soul than a hall of largely brilliant works depicting the employment-related doom of the artists.


5) Mother’s Day Bottomless Brunch

12th May

What: Treat mum to a decadent brunch in an elegant and exclusive Seaview Room overlooking the idyllic Coogee Beach. This special brunch includes a glass of champagne and mini massage for mum, a gourmet buffet and bottomless mimosas!

Why: Who says mother’s day has to uncomfortably remind you that you have likely spent more time sucking on your mother’s nipples than your our own father? Apparently, these guys say that. Because they’re forcing you to sit and watch your mother be massaged to ecstasy by someone in their mid-twenties.’s-Day-Bottomless-Brunch/c3852e30-7084-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


4) Different Drop Warehouse Wine Tasting

15th May

What: A sensational tasting with one of the country’s most brilliant and boundary-pushing winemakers – Bryan Martin from Ravensworth Wines. Bryan’s Shiraz has for some years been one of the most highly-rated and sought after artisan reds in the country, and having spent an extra year in bottle and effectively been off the market for nearly two years, this wine is sure to fly! This won’t be a structured, sit-down tasting, but rather a casual event with fellow customers and members of the DD team.

Why: Like all good things, wine only improves with age. Who ever said money was a good thing? Spend it on frivolous bullshit now before it starts to get mouldy!


3) Head On Photo Festival

12th-19th May

What: Head On has earned a reputation of operating with integrity and providing all photo-artists invaluable opportunities to exhibit in Sydney and internationally. Over the past decade, Head On has presented the work of over 5000 photographers including Roger Ballen, Mary Ellen Mark, and Bill Henson. Last year, the two-week Festival attracted record attendances and showcased 147 exhibitions and more than 1000 artists at 98 Sydney venues and galleries.

Why: Quick. Before obsolescence claims this in it’s icy Instagram-worthy claws.

2) Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

12th-17th May

What: This May will see one of the only international platforms for Australian fashion return to Australia.  It’s a week long schedule of runway shows, presentations and key industry events that will provide the Australian Fashion Industry with opportunities to maximise business outcomes.

Why: Bathe yourself in the visual brilliance and wonderful expressions of individuality clamouring for acknowledgement in the form of a cheque. Oh yes, and bring laxatives. You’ll need them to get into most venues. Ipecac might get you a front row seat.


1) Sydney International Comedy Festival 

12th-19th May

What: Sydney’s biggest month of comedy returns with hundreds of the world’s funniest comedians taking to stages across the city! The Festival program features performances from the finest Australian acts, the biggest international stars and the most promising emerging talent, offering up everything from stand up to sketch, satire, impro, musical, absurdist, theatre, magic and kids comedy.

Why: Laugh with something other than bitter resentment.

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