Top 10 Sydney Culture On this week 11/11/2018

Cock that polo mallet, soldier, there are slam poets around here somewhere.


10) SAME CUP Launch Party

16th November

It’s the launch party of SAME CUP with cocktails, coffee and an Iron Chef competition to celebrate the establishment of a new networking opportunity for coffee-makers, coffee-enthusiasts, cafe-owners and suppliers. By suppliers we, of course, mean heroin and cocaine suppliers. The cafe business is a bloody tough game. There’s a lot of pain behind that soy latte.


9) 360 VISION

16th November

An event that brings together filmmakers, musicians, visual artists, new media experimentalists and other content creators to explore the vast potential and the latest in virtual and augmented reality. With keynote speakers, screenings and demos, you’ll be able to distract yourself from your terrible life choices and your depressing, alcoholic future working in a Subway and yelling at people ‘Woody Allen is so overrated. You should see my film. Well it’s not really a film, more a post-post-modern sensory effusion. Would you like fries with that?’


8) Exodus Unplugged

15th November

An open mic night at the Gaelic Club for musicians, poets, comedians and performers wherein you can test out your material in front of a like-minded audience. Who are armed with nothing but judgement, jealousy and the vague idea that smashing a beer bottle and attempting to kill whomever’s onstage would make an excellent anecdote for their next performance.


7) Opera Wine & Dine Series – “Opera Banquet”

16th November

An evening of celebrated popular opera complete with a bespoke menu and select fine wines to match. Indulge your most uppity fantasies; eating gourmet food in a heritage-listed building to the sounds of Sydney’s operatic stars and pretending that someone singing opera is a tolerable sound, especially right when you’re attempting to swallow something that somehow is mostly coriander and needs to be set on fire by the waiter.


6) Oz Cult Cinema Vault

16th November

Cultural icons Jay Katz and Miss Death will be hosting an evening of the best of Australian cult cinema. They’ve handpicked three cult films which will be screened on the night followed by a boozy Q&A with the directors. Don’t forget. This isn’t just cult film. This is Australian cult film. The land of film so effed up we’ve had a whole genre named after us: Ozploitation. We’re so screwed up our most famous animal is a small grey chlamydia-riddled bear-like thing that’s constantly trying to poison itself.


5) Polo In The City 

17th November

Centennial Park will be bringing the old sport of polo into the 20th Century with horse racing, fashion events, games, dressage, drinks, and of course the game of polo itself. We may be all grown up as a country now, but we’ve still got that little plastic horsey given to us by our austere, violently abusive father that we like to play with sometimes.


4) Garden pARTy

16th November

A one-of a kind after-hours event featuring live music, social art-making, life drawing and cocktails all set in the Mount Annan Botanic Gardens. Art? Nature? Music? All in one? It’s a dream. You know that dream when you’re in an isolated mountain area surrounded by seasonal tarantulas and someone’s playing a tiny ukelele whilst a naked fat guy stands in front of you demanding you capture the curve of his penis just right?


3) Mullum Music Festival

15th-18th November

One of the most successful boutique environmentally-friendly music festivals is returning once again. Artists and musicians will mingle and perform in a vibrant village of clubs and pubs. It’s a no-hassle festival. No tents, plenty of booze…to compensate for the fact that they’ve not been able to attract any musicians of note. But, hell, at least you don’t have to take a crap behind a tree because all the port-a-loos are currently being puked in.


2) RockWiz Revue

16th, 17th, 18th & 20th November

RockWiz is back and taking their unique show of sublime musicianship, comedy and rock-inspired quizzing on the road for a live studio-audience inspired show. It’s like QI for idiots. Sorry, we meant Australians.


1) Strawberry Fields

16th-18th November

Another 10th anniversary. Expect a festival of the newest in rock, indie, pop and electro music as well as fringe performances, live art, light shows, fireworks all set in the Wildlands of the Australian bush. Voted one of the top 10 music festivals in the world (by Resident Advisor – yes that quality, well-known source), come bearing legs and at least three fedoras made of straw. Present your orange aviators at the ticket entrance or you’ll be refused entry.

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