Top 10 Sydney Culture On this week 10/03/2019

We’re taking you on an adventure to the other side. (Sorry, Katie Noonan is also there. We can’t get her to leave.)


10) Caroline Rothwell & Blair French In Conversation

16th March

What: Join Caroline Rothwell and Blair French on the MCA’s Loti Smorgan Sculpture Terrace as they discuss Rothwell’s sculpture Composer. Composer is a 6-metre high, kinetic sculpture that explores current issues around energy consumption. The work acts as a wind turbine where the air flowing over the Sculpture Terrace is harnessed to create light.

Why: Like a high school diorama. But big and with wine.


9) The Art Studio Group Exhibition

10th March

What: An art exhibition featuring local artists to celebrate a new year of creativity, connection and community. Visit the beach side studio for a creative afternoon of art, wine and inspiring conversations.

Why: It’s a new year. Get inspired. Hell, if you consume enough of the free wine you might be able to create your own contemporary art piece. “Vomit on Canvas During Interminable Contemporary Art Exhibition.”


8) Gav Barbey Iceworks Exhibition

14th March

What: Barbey’s “Ice works” explore the tension between nature and our desire to have control over it. In these unique works, pure pigment is strategically frozen into large blocks of ice and manipulated as it melts and merges with the canvas over hours, days or weeks.

Why: Or stay at home, defrost your freezer and finally find out what that green thing is that’s been sitting there for a year.


7) MadFest Sydney

16th March

What: Madman Anime Festival is a truly unique event that brings all things anime and Japanese culture to you! Featuring international guests and exhibitors, cosplay, and super exclusive anime events!

Why: If you’re as lacking in intimate knowledge of anime and manga as we consider ourselves to be…don’t go. They will crush your attempt at participating in a mildly interesting facet of contemporary culture like they crush any attempt at originality in authorship.


6) Art Battle Sydney

16th March

What: Artists have 20 minutes to take their canvases from blank to beautiful, battling not only the clock but each other as well. Watch the paint fly before your eyes as the creative process unfolds and help vote to determine the Champion!

Why: Nothing says ‘legitimate artistic expression’ like a twenty minute time limit.


5) The Other Art Fair Sydney 

14th-17th March

What: The Other Art Fair, presented by Saatchi Art, gives you the opportunity to meet a curated selection of over 120 independent artists. With daily theatre performances, live DJ sets, event tours, conversations with some of the art scene’s leading names, live art activations and a fully-stocked bar awaiting you, what more do you need to enjoy a cultural experience right in the city centre?

Why: What more do you need? A metric for judging contemporary art, perhaps. Or at least something to enable you to tell the difference between one painting detailing the intricacies of the current era’s sociopolitical relationship with bygone Marxism to the…other painting detailing the intricacies of the current era’s sociopolitical relationship with bygone Marxism.


4) Short+Sweet Theatre 

10th-31st March

What: The biggest little play festival will be returning once again with a smorgasbord of 10 minute plays to delight your tastebuds, with hundreds of talented actors, writers and directors showing off their skills and bringing you a wonderful season of short theatre.

Why: We know. The theatre. But it’s something you have to frequent at least on a biannual basis in order to maintain your intellectual superiority over your loved ones, and they’ve been so kind as to divvy it up into the most amount of time anyone can stand independent theatre without being offensively drunk.


3) Red Hot Summer Tour Port Macquarie 2019 feat. Moving Pictures, Chocolate Starfish, Jon Stevens, The Screaming Jets, Baby Animals, The Angels and Suzi Quatro

16th March

What: Series Two of this coveted touring festival will see the return of the Queen of Rock Suzi Quatro, with special guests The Angels, Baby Animals, The Screaming Jets, Jon Stevens, Moving Pictures and Chocolate Starfish.

Why: Hey kid, wanna see a dead body? How bout a whole graveyard full?


2) Eagles World Tour 

13th & 14th March

What: On this tour, the Eagles – Don Henley, Joe Walsh and Timothy B. Schmit, with Vince Gill and Deacon Frey – will be accompanied on stage by an incredible live band that includes a full horn section and full string section. As the Eagles’ appeal continues to transcend both generation and genre, don’t miss the opportunity to witness Eagles’ unmistakable West Coast harmonies and unparalleled song writing talent come alive as they return to Australia!

Why: Remember that time you thought you’d accidentally suffocated that bird and the reality of death crashed down upon you…and then the bird suddenly flapped it’s wings and limped away to live a seemingly endless existence? Like that but the bird is a 60s soft rock band.


1) Blue Mountains Music Festival 

15th-17th March

What: A three day festival of folk, roots and blues music, featuring selected artists from around the world and across Australia. Featuring: The four-time ARIA Award winning singer songwriter Katie Noonan with legendary cartoonist Michael Leunig and The Others – a trio composed of jazz supremoes James Morrison and Paul Grabowsky with Spiderbaits’ Kramm.

Why: Remember Katie Noonan? No? Remember desperately attempting to fend off your creepy relatives’ advances at your mother’s 50 birthday party? Yeah. It’s the soundtrack to that.

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