Top 10 Sydney Culture On this week 10/02/2019

Monsters are coming. They’re coming for your organs. And…organic produce.


10) ArtSHINE 10th Anniversary Party

16th February

What: Join Vinh Van Lam and Stuart Horrex together with the ArtSHINE community to celebrate ArtSHINE’s 10th Anniversary – a platform dedicated to working with artists, showcasing their talent and helping them connect with established exhibitors and other members of the creative community.

Why: So expect a regular afternoon at any hipster cafe, except more smug. We know. We didn’t think it was possible, either.


9) Tracings of a Future Body

15th February

What: A Future Body is a factual and poetic exploration via dance of the newly developing individual and collective human body. The future is already active and has traces in our body, environment and perceptions. The environment we are shaping to our own desires is also reshaping us.

Why: Or you could just screw contemporary dance and go watch Robocop.


8) Plant + Human Launch

14th February

What: The artists in Plant + Human approach their vegetal subjects with intensity, exploring both our historical and contemporary entanglements with ecology. This exhibition appreciates how nature has trained our understanding of existence more than we realise.

Why: You know. Like that time you fell ass-backwards onto a cactus and realised that existence is just a random sequence of disconnected pratfalls. And you’re the prat.


7) Playhouse Sydney: Grand Opening

16th February

What: Dance the night away to the best party anthems and mashup mixes, watch some of the best aerial performances, fire breathers and acrobats and be treated like royalty.

Why: You know those restaurants that try to make every single cuisine with things like ‘deep fried batter sushi’ and ‘Cajun Rogan Josh’? This is that in club form.


6) Mr Black x Bar Swift London at Charlie Parker’s

13th February

What: Legendary coffee liquor brand Mr Black and London’s Bar Swift are joining forces to bring some of London’s finest classic tipples and never-before-tasted Mr Black cocktails down under for one night only. Swift Bar’s Managing Director, Bobby Hiddleston, and Hamish Dowie, Winner of the 2018 Mr Black x Swift Bartender Competition, will curate a bespoke menu of Mr Black and Swift classic cocktails.

Why: Ahh, caffeine and liquor. It’s the best start to the day mixed with the best end. Without all the tedious shit in the middle.’s/dace7cd0-2b34-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


5) Untamed Whiskys of The World

13th February

What: The Websters Team are gearing up for a big year of tastings, dinners & events. The first night of the year, they will be showcasing 5 whiskys from across the globe, including THE YAMAZAKI, AUCHENTOSHAN, LAPHROAIG, BOOKERS & MAKERS MARK. Of course it wouldn’t be a Boilermaker event were it not for some outstanding Feral craft beers, including batch releases ‘Biggie Juice’ NEIPA, ‘Dark Matter’ Porter & ‘Watermelon Warhead’ – A sour German Wheat beer aged in Champagne barrels!

Why: Remember that new years resolution to travel more? Well, with this event, you’ll be sure to travel at least once to the hospital.


4) Gin Tasting: Four Pillars

16th February

What: This is your chance to taste five of the Four Pillars range, including the original rare dry, the modern Australian gin (part of the collaborative bartenders series), the infamous Bloody Shiraz gin, The Four Pillars x Herno Dry island gin (made in collaboration with the world renowned Swedish company) and finally the Chardonnay barrel aged gin. All will be served with cheese plates.

Why: Five of four of the best three-letter word to ever exist.


3) The Kraken Black Spiced Rum presents Kraken Eat Your Heart Out

15th February

What: Avoid the obligatory, overly-mushy and sentimental Valentine’s Day card this year, and treat your partner to something that will really get their blood pumping. An anti-Valentine’s experience featuring offal. The deliciously dark event will include a mouth-watering meal of nose-to-tail delicacies and exclusive cocktails, lighting and ice sculptures.

Why: We don’t know about this event being ‘anti-Valentine’s’. All this pretending that love is a legitimate emotion has already pretty much eaten our liver away.


2) Tomato Festival Sydney: Retro Movie Experience

16th February

What: An exclusive late night at the Tomato Festival Sydney for the cult classic Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! Alternatively, wander through the Plants with Bite display and enjoy the spectacular lighting design, feast on a delicious range of tacos with a glass of sparkling wine, or simply sit on the terrace while listening to a mixture of live music and DJ sounds, sipping on a cocktail.

Why: One of three options, really. Get pissed and watch a B film, get pissed with plants and tacos, get pissed and sit impotently on a balcony. It’s like the three stages of growing up.


1) Short+Sweet Theatre 

10th February-31st March

What: The biggest little play festival will be returning once again with a smorgasbord of 10 minute plays to delight your tastebuds, with hundreds of talented actors, writers and directors showing off their skills and bringing you a wonderful season of short theatre.

Why: We know. The theatre. But it’s something you have to frequent at least on a biannual basis in order to maintain your intellectual superiority over your loved ones, and they’ve been so kind as to divvy it up into the most amount of time anyone can stand independent theatre without being offensively drunk.

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