Top 10 Sydney Culture On this week 09/12/2018

Prepare for a week that’ll have you gasping for air. And we don’t just mean as a result of the environmental catastrophe we’ve created for ourselves.


10) Human Rights Awards

14th December

What: A celebration of some of the people doing extraordinary human rights work in Australia. This year over 500 guests from the community, government, legal and business sectors will come together at this wonderful event to celebrate human rights achievements.

Why: Nothing reeks more of morality than 500 people who’ve paid $2000 dollars to sip champagne and pat themselves on the back.


9) Matilda Michell: Homecoming

10th December

What: Matilda Michell combines classical still life oil painting with a contemporary twist. She incorporates ordinary, everyday objects that fit so seamlessly into their new classical context that they are barely noticeable as ‘modern’.

Why: Because if there’s one thing missing from Van Gogh’s Sunflowers it’s a fucking Google Home Mini.


8) A Midnight Visit

9th December

What: An immersive experience like no other – part choose-your-own-adventure, part performance, part playground, part sound world – with over 30 rooms to explore freely and a cohort of troubled characters to encounter on your journey. An ever changing dream inspired by the works and worlds of Edgar Allan Poe.

Why: Well, we do want to make a small disclaimer here, there will be no cousin-banging on the menu.


7) Inglis Villiers Stakes Day

15th December

What: Villiers Stakes Day will feature an exciting day of thoroughbred racing, Christmas entertainment including DJs and a special visit from Santa. Plus, keep an eye out for Santa’s elves roving the track spreading Christmas cheer and handing out treats.

Why: Cause nothing says family Christmas fun like a cruel industry that runs on horse blood and an industry that openly stokes a vicious gambling addiction.


6) Merry Christmas

14th December

What: This dark comedy play takes place on Christmas Eve with a group of friends celebrating their annual tradition. The evening takes a turn, proving not all Christmas surprises are good. This is a one night only show, short and… well, not very sweet.

Why: Or you could save 23 bucks and the horror of independent theatre, stay home and stage your own dark comedy co-starring seasonal depression and a silo full of vodka.


5) Powerbomb Comedy

14th December

What: The best comedians from Sydney and around Australia will come together on stage for a night of booze and laughter. Featuring Cassie Workman headlining and Bec Charlwood as Host.

Why: We’re not sure why they’ve called it Powerbomb comedy. But it is at a bar. So don’t be surprised if a huge bouncer slams you into the ground for not wearing the right shoes.


4) The Doss House: Whiskey & Cheese Masterclass Series

11th December

What: The Doss House has created a Whisky and Cheese Masterclass Series to offer a fully interactive evening and in-depth experience you will not want to miss. This week is ‘The Irish Experience’.

Why: Ah yes. Because the first culture you associate with the artistry of cheese is…Irish culture.


3) Shania Twain NOW Tour 

14th December

What: In celebration of Shania’s third consecutive #1 album – she brings her NOW Tour to Australia. Shania is a five-time Grammy Award-winner and the reigning Queen of Country Pop.

Why: It seems she’s still alive. Who knew? Yes, Twain is once again on tour. She’s “still the one”…the one out of many ageing remnants of the 80s desperately trying to cling on to relevance whilst they circle the inevitable eternal darkness.


2) Jim Jefferies The Night Talker Tour 

15th & 16th December

What: With a monumental seven comedy specials; his own acclaimed sit‐com (Legit) and self-titled late show on TV; sold out arenas around the world and an hour-plus of brand new material every time he hits the road with a new tour, The Jim Jefferies Show anchor is heading back to Australia.

Why: He holds the world record for most uses of the word ‘cunt’ onstage. He’s a bloody pioneer.


1) Festival of the Sun 

13th-16th December

What: This Port Macquarie all-inclusive pop, psych and indie music festival is celebrating its 15th birthday with food trucks, free workshops, silent comedy, silent beats and good vibes.

Why: All the credit of saying you went to an indie music festival with a musical lineup so generic it can’t possibly challenge your intellect or sensibilities.

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