Top 10 Sydney Culture On this week 07/10/2018

It’s a week of gastronomic indulgence, Sydney, but we must warn you. Pace yourself. Mariah Cary awaits at the finish line and we’ll not be held accountable for any violent Exorcist-style vomiting occurrences.


10) Remembering Laurie Carmichael

10th Oct

Calling all filthy commies. This one’s for you. A night to memorialist the death of communist and trade unionist Laurie Carmichael and a night to put on your favourite skin tight black skivvy, your black beret and tiny circular sun glasses and give the rest of us an effing break from your bloody pamphlets.


9) Centipede Annual Fundraiser Sunset Soiree

12th Oct

Nope, not a fund-raising event for bugs. So there’s no chance you’ll be able to get off with David Attenborough. Keep dreaming, kid. But this is your moral vindication for the the week. An evening of cocktail food, drinks and entertainment on the waterfront to raise funds for Glebe Public School aftercare. Don’t act like this isn’t perfect. There’s a reason you shove your kids into aftercare and it’s not because you’ve been ‘working late at the plant’.‘2018-Sunset-Soiree’/b5543500-cc1e-11e8-b14f-a713526e5192


8) Crab & Lobster Party

12th Oct

Exactly what it sounds like. A degustation of one of the most horrifying-looking mini monsters of the sea. A night to ask: Who in the hell was the first guy to decide to pour butter on this thing and eat it?


7) SUPRA Wine & Cheese

12th Oct

Wine, cheese, and university students pretending they know all about both. Look. There’s a reason why there’ll be bloody wine, okay?


6) Mint. Art Exhibition

12th-15th Oct

An avant garde art exhibition? With drinking? You better make sure you get that hand print thingy unlocker on your phone. It’s hard to remember a password in order to Instagram your own intellectual superiority when you’re sloshed.


5) Normandy Cheese (and Mornington Gin)

9th Oct

No, it’s not some kind of ultra-pretentious new trend of harvesting fallen soldiers and injecting their bodily mould onto various soft cheeses. But it is close. Because it involves cheese and Mornington Gin. We’re…not sure how many corpses will be involved.


4) Australian Eggsellence Awards

12th Oct

Yes – it’s exactly what it sounds like. To celebrate world egg day, celebrity chef Man Feildel will host an awards cook-off to find the best egg dish. You know…Pisco Sours have egg whites in them. That’s all we’re saying.


3) Sydney Good Food Month feat. Neil Perry

10th Oct

We’ve been vaguely aware of this guy by name. Frankly we always thought he was a bald hipster with a beret who consumed coriander to live and enjoyed catering metal prisons in the sky…but no. He has hair.


2) Mariah Carey The Number 1’s Tour

12th Oct

We may live under a rock but it’s impossible not to know about this singer. Believe us. We’ve tried. But she’s loud. Very loud. So buy your tickets at your peril. Just remember. She’s had sex with James Packer. So…you know where her standards lie.’s-Tour-Sydney/181eb940-518f-11e8-a8dd-e3a56d3eda89

1) Kesha Rainbow Tour 

11th Oct

Tik tok. Yeah that’s pretty much all we know about this pop singer. And that’s already more than we want to know. But we’ve been told she’s quite popular. So. She makes the list.

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