Top 10 Sydney Culture On this week 07/07/2019

Prepare to be consumed. Willy Wonka doesn’t screw around.


10) EMC Connect

11th July

What: EMC Connect features forward thinking artists and industry figures providing creative process insights, career development tips and industry guides for navigating your way through the ever-changing electronic music landscape.

Why: They actually have conferences for EDM? It’s like finding out the UN held a summit to decide what colour crayon your five-year old niece should use for their dinosaur picture. Though it would explain what the UN has being doing all this time.


9) Modern Sydney

11th July

What: This walking architectural tour will discuss the mediating factors of distance, culture, technology, politics and environment as you search for the influence of modernity on contemporary Sydney.

Why: What could possibly make an in-depth architectural dissection of Sydney’s modernist influences more entertaining? Exercise.


8) Madama Butterfly

7th July-10th August

What: Graeme Murphy’s arresting new production of Madama Butterfly is a contemporary look at Puccini’s alluring heroine. Fragments of film flutter across the stage, creating a dynamic backdrop for Murphy’s vision of Butterfly. He draws on his roots in choreography to capture the grace and gravity of a tale that begins in rapturous love and ends in the cruellest heartbreak

Why: Paedophilia, teen pregnancy, suicide, a white chick named Kate, it’s all there. If only they didn’t have to sing everything.


7) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory The New Musical

6th-21st July

What: Roald Dahl’s delicious tale, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, is a delectable treat featuring songs from the original film, including Pure Imagination, The Candy Man and I’ve Got a Golden Ticket, alongside a brand new, toe-tapping Broadway score. Now’s your chance to experience the wonders of Wonka!

Why: It’s one way to expunge the image of Johnny Depp pissing on Gene Wilder’s grave from your mind.



7th-21st July

What: ZIRK! CIRCUS brings together Russia’s finest big top traditions with the daring skills of today’s greatest circus superstars. Step inside the Big Top Chapiteau and be part of the action where no audience member is ever more than 15 rows from the circus ring. Marvel, gasp and cheer at the most exciting, action packed, awe-inspiring circus event coming to Australia this year.

Why: There’s no more brilliant way to get the heart pumping with feats of expert athleticism than by proxy whilst holding an ice-cream.


5) Muriel’s Wedding The Musical 

7th July-1st September

What: Muriel is coming back to Sydney! This big, brash and very cheeky new musical will play a strictly limited season at the Sydney Lyric Theatre. Stuck in a dead-end life in Porpoise Spit, Muriel dreams of the perfect wedding – the dress, the church, the attention. Unfortunately, there’s one thing missing. A groom. Following her dreams to Sydney, Muriel ends up with everything she ever wanted. That’s when things start to go really wrong.

Why: Revisit an era when it was plausible to move to Sydney for a better life. 


4) Australian International Music Festival

7th-11th July

What: The 30th Australian International Music Festival is returning to Sydney, bringing together talented young musicians, singers and dancers from around the globe for this much loved festival, which attracts all types of music, but in particular Wind Bands, Orchestras, Choirs and Jazz Bands.

Why: Be privy to the talent of the next generation of musicians, look at your own kid picking their nose, think ‘well, at least they’re not a serial killer’ and then comfort yourself further with the even better thought, ‘at least they’re not jazz enthusiasts’.


3) Barossa. Be Consumed.

13th July

What: Not just a tasting of the region’s brilliant wines, ‘Barossa. Be Consumed’ also offers you a taste of the region’s food, culture, history and character. Over 300 wines from 50+ Winemakers, plus artisan gin, local produce, live music and new ‘Meet the Maker’ sessions.

Why: Get pissed and be consumed with all the best parts of a region without being pitched a timeshare.


2) Bello Winter Music

12th-14th July

What: Now in its fifth year Bello Winter Music is a family friendly whole-town festival. As well as the music pouring out of 14 different venues, Bellingen comes alive with street theatre, markets, circus performances and a psychedelic Magic Bus (free rides around town).

Why: A remote family-friendly whole-town festival with free psychedelic rides. Don’t bother with BYO. The Kool-Aid will be provided onsite.


1) Bastille French Festival 

11th-14th July

What: Bastille Festival Sydney​ is a free entry, French cultural celebration of food, wine and art. This year will feature: The Parisian Foodie Village​, The Gourmet Produce Alley​, Le Mulled Wine Cinema​ and The Family-Friendly French Village! Join the revolution!

Why: When Paris’ streets were bathed in the blood of the absolute monarchy and the empowered dregs of the former feudal system were watching King Louis XVI’s just execution with their eyes mad and their mouths watering, it was largely because they were picturing his severed head as a giant Camembert Arancini ball.

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