Top 10 Sydney Culture On this week 07/04/2019

You’re approaching a fork in the road, Sydney. Will you take the path less travelled or will you accept your own cowardice and spend the Easter season with your horrible extended family?


10) Cumberland Art and Photography Awards

13th April

What: The annual Cumberland Art and Photography Awards are showcasing talented local artists from across the Cumberland area. Entrants from around the area submitted a variety of art and photographic works of the Cumberland Local Government Area in nine different categories and are sharing their perspectives and painting a picture of what makes up this part of Sydney.

Why: Nothing says ‘freedom of artistic expression’ like works inspired by a small government council.


9) William Cooke: Luce – Exhibition Opening

12th April

What: In Luce, Cooke has created a site specific light installation alongside a suite of paintings on aluminium. Through the altering of light sources in the main gallery space and the addition of seemingly pulsating aluminium discs the viewer becomes bathed in a gradated environment that draws one into experiencing ‘space’ in its truest form.

Why: Might be a good segue into the porn of tomorrow. In ten years you’ll remember the day you experienced ‘pulsating aluminium discs’ live. It’s a contemporary Caligula.


8) In Response: Dialogues with RealTime featuring Vicki Van Hout

10th April

What: This exhibition marks the closure of the influential RealTime magazine and the launch of the recently digitised RealTime Archive. One of the featured artists – Vicki – will invite visitors to participate in actions with her installation to understand the durational nature of her sculptural practice as a preparation of the performance space. This tradition is consistent in indigenous dance as Vicki has experienced it across Australia, and is part of a more encompassing understanding of performance practice.

Why: What better way to eulogise a dead media than to endure an interactive art performance that makes you wish for your own sweet release from this mortal existence?


7) Othello Opening Night

11th April

What: Shakespeare’s tragedy is more timely than ever in the current cultural climate. Exploring themes of racism, isolation, toxic masculinity, domestic violence and “fake news”, Othello still impacts audiences in the most raw, emotional way. As with their previous productions, 63 Globes are drawing on current pop culture to make Othello enthralling and accessible. Both director and cast have a deep understanding of Shakespeare’s texts and are keen to pass this knowledge on.

Why: Who hasn’t read a Shakespearean play and thought: you know what this needs? References to someone far more moronic and manipulable than Othello and far more evil than Iago.


6) The City of Forking Paths

13th April

What: Against the backdrop of real streets (starting at the Rocks), with the use of a mobile device, artists Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller invent fictional scenarios and incidents for users to discover along the way. Familiar streets, made mystical at dusk, become the backdrop for an unfolding narrative of memory, displacement and desire.

Why: It’s like trying to follow the google maps voice on your way to a bar except the voice is far more supercilious and the golden pot at the end of the rainbow is the realisation that you’ve wasted an evening you could’ve spent drinking on contemporary new media art.


5) A Little Bit of Italy in Broke

13th April

What: The quiet Hunter Valley village of Broke comes alive with all things Italian for the weekend – 12 locations dotted throughout the area each feature the food, wine and culture of Italy.

Why: The best way to experience Italy. Entirely stripped of the civil volatility and recession.


4) ShoreShocked 

13th April

What: A free all-ages musical festival for the north shore! Featuring: Japanese Wallpaper, Waax, Tyne-James Organ, Kota Banks, Erthlings, Sports Bra and the infamous Battle of the Bands!

Why: You know what really makes a music festival memorable? Lack of alcohol and the prevalence of children. You’ll remember every bloody moment. Unfortunately.


3) Taco Fest!

13th April

What: Feast on tacos, sip on margaritas and fiesta the day away with a mariachi band and piñatas for the children!

Why: An entire day of tacos. A resultant night of wondering whether there’s an Ubereats style app for toilet plungers.

2) Hunter Valley Night Glow 

13th April

What: Roche Estate, in the beautiful Hunter Valley vineyards, will host the second ever Hunter Valley Night Glow. The evening will include a family friendly night market offering some of the Hunter Valley’s best food, wine and hand-made crafts, along with live musical performances to entertain you. The main event will be the spectacular balloon Night Glow which will see hot air balloons inflated and tethered at Roche Estate . The Night Glow will be choreographed to music and will culminate with a spectacular fireworks display in what will be a wonderful family night out.

Why: Nothing salves the pain of realising you’ve dedicated your life to a whining, snotty sack of want than getting drunk in front of a lot of dancing hot air balloons.


1) Sydney Royal Easter Show

12th-23rd April

What: The Easter Show is a celebration of Australian culture, from rural traditions to modern day lifestyles, providing unique experiences for everyone. Every Easter, the country and city join together at Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park, for nine days of agricultural competitions, animal experiences, live entertainment, carnival fun, shopping and much more.

Why: Judge the potency of a dog, decorate the carousel in bile-infused Cheese Burger Pie and romantically lather a chicken all at once. It is truly a singular event.

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