Top 10 Sydney Culture On this week 03/03/2019

Clean out your ears, Sydney. Because you might be able to sue someone when your ear canals burst at the techno music festival.


10) The Natural Conservatorium For Wise Women: Pop-up Theatre Experience

8th March

What: Enter a gleefully twisted world of reign and rebellion with Clockfire Theatre’s original play The Natural Conservatorium For Wise Women, presented in Sydney’s ‘little piece of Paris’ Jardin St James.

Why: Well, at least we’ve warned you exactly where this pop-up theatre is going to pop up. We’re not saying that being suddenly assaulted on a 6.30am commute by a troupe of mime artists wasn’t entertaining, but the act could’ve done without the full frontal nudity.


9) Jack Lanagan Dunbar ‘Pantheon’ Exhibition Opening

8th March

What: Pantheon is a full display of a new body of work that Lanagan Dunbar has used to communicate a built up personal cosmology through references to existing mythologies and figures of importance in legends.

Why: Like every current organised religion. Except this time, you don’t worship a god. You worship a guy named Dunbar.‘Pantheon’-Exhibition-Opening/32f98fc0-3c7f-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


8) MOVE Symposium

9th March

What: The MOVE Symposium is a one-day symposium and showcase that will bring together creative technologists, interaction designers, artists and other professionals from academia, the arts and industry to discuss how critical emerging technologies are changing creative practices.

Why: Who needs a paintbrush when you can so easily replace the Mona Lisa’s eyes with dicks in two seconds in photoshop?


7) Mud Australia Open Studio

6th March

What: Mud Australia opens the doors to its Marrickville studio for a night of tours, talks, live demonstration and art from the creative team. Mud ceramics neatly intersects a minimalist aesthetic with an artisan finish.

Why: Like a two hour conversation with your mentally ill aunt about her hoard of ceramic cats but without the herbal tea and casual racism.


6) The Artist’s Mind

8th March

What: This exciting and heartbreaking work incorporates live percussion, physical theatre and projection work exploring the context of the ‘tortured artist’ and the duality of the Artist’s mind.

Why: Or just get your 32-year-old unemployed art school graduate cousin drunk in a room full of artfully placed glassware and experience the magic.’s-Mind/c4f9c580-3c7e-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


5) Ideas Intersecting: Innovation and Design

7th March

What: Through visually documenting several practitioner’s processes and design methods for a selected project, the exhibition will illuminate, and make tangible, the moments in creative practice when seemingly disparate ideas intersect.

Why: We’re guessing the disparate ideas intersect somewhere between the sixth whisky and the third ‘shroom.


4) Short+Sweet Theatre 

3rd-31st March

What: The biggest little play festival will be returning once again with a smorgasbord of 10 minute plays to delight your tastebuds, with hundreds of talented actors, writers and directors showing off their skills and bringing you a wonderful season of short theatre.

Why: We know. The theatre. But it’s something you have to frequent at least on a biannual basis in order to maintain your intellectual superiority over your loved ones, and they’ve been so kind as to divvy it up into the most amount of time anyone can stand independent theatre without being offensively drunk.


3) Taste of the Snowies: Thredbo Food & Wine Festival

9th March

What: Head to the mountain this March as fine food, wine and a mix of curated culinary events and activities take place in Thredbo Village for the inaugural Taste of the Snowies Food and Wine Festival.

Why: Yeah. We would make a ‘don’t eat the yellow snow’ joke here, but it’s probably a dish on the menu involving mushroom foam and an extract from the urine of a pacific ocean puffer fish.


2) Red Hot Summer Tour Kariong 2019 feat. Moving Pictures, Chocolate Starfish, Jon Stevens, The Screaming Jets, Baby Animals, The Angels and Suzi Quatro

9th March

What: Series Two of this coveted touring festival will see the return of the Queen of Rock Suzi Quatro, with special guests The Angels, Baby Animals, The Screaming Jets, Jon Stevens, Moving Pictures and Chocolate Starfish.

Why: Hey kid, wanna see a dead body? How bout a whole graveyard full?


1) Days Like This Festival 

9th March

What: This boutique one day festival will showcase a carefully curated selection of the world’s best in house, techno and electronica in the heart of Sydney’s cultural hub of the Inner West.

Why: You know, on days like this, when we have to pitch a techno festival, we just think what’s really so bad about being deaf?

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