Top 10 Sydney Culture On this week 03/02/2019

This week’s short and sweet, Sydney. Like a prostate exam and a lollipop.


10) Unimagined

7th February

What: Unimagined is Australia’s first conference focused at the unbuilt visualisation industry. Come learn and get insanely inspired with like-minded peers about the future of visualisation, where are we heading with VR, project marketing, software developments and how the best approach their craft.

Why: Come. Memorise some nonsensical buzzwords. Take as many free pens as you can and have enough party conversation to confuse both your racist geriatric relatives and your most pretentious acquaintances into a sustained silence to last you a year.


9) Inhabitants Exhibition Launch

9th February

What: ‘Inhabitants’ brings together the work of three Victoria-based abstractionists: Rachael McCully-Kerwick, Brock Q. Piper & Hayden Jackson. Have a wine, some cheese, and join Piermarq & the artists in celebrating the launch of ‘Inhabitants’!

Why: It’s an evening of perfect balance. Flowing wine to match the flowing whine of every contemporary artist and cheese to match the apparent constipation of every contemporary art critic.


8) Sydney Fashion Swap

9th February

What: Unite with like-minded people to swap our pre-loved clothes, shoes and accessories and contribute to a more sustainable world whilst still looking fab.

Why: Yet another in a long line of reasons to engage in some healthy grave robbing. Your rich aunt isn’t going to need that designer gown in hell and you’ll probably get jeans and a couple of hats out of the swap.


7) New Horizons in 2019 for Ralph Kerle’s Art

8th February

What: In 2019, Ralph Kerle’s art is pursuing new opportunities both locally and abroad and as a result he is vacating the Intercontinental’s exhibition space – but not without a party and free drinks! There will be the opportunity to buy the pieces from the gallery collection at a great price.

Why: We can’t think of any better reason to raise a glass or five than to the proposition of contemporary art leaving a room.’s-Art/3c9b6c50-2687-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


6) The City of Forking Paths

4th February

What: Against the backdrop of real streets (starting at the Rocks), with the use of a mobile device, artists Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller invent fictional scenarios and incidents for users to discover along the way. Familiar streets, made mystical at dusk, become the backdrop for an unfolding narrative of memory, displacement and desire.

Why: It’s like trying to follow the google maps voice on your way to a bar except the voice is far more supercilious and the golden pot at the end of the rainbow is the realisation that you’ve wasted an evening you could’ve spent drinking on contemporary new media art.


5) Dacey Gardens Lunar New Year Celebrations

9th February

What: Celebrate the Year of the Pig with Dacey’s 2019 Lunar New Year celebrations! There’ll be lion dancing, food stalls, traditional costumes, music, dance and heaps of activities for the whole family to enjoy!

Why: Here it is, folks. The family-friendly event. You knew there’d be one. But as always, we have an out. It’s held at Botany Bay. So there’s a big salty abyss to drown yourself in if you come to the completely logical realisation that you’ve wasted your life procreating when you could’ve been so much more.


4) Kozciuszko Craft Beer Festival 

8th & 9th February

What: Do you like beer? Do you want to know what is tops in hops and best in brewing? Held Poolside at the Thredbo Alpine Hotel in the heart of the picturesque Snowy Mountains, this festival is your ticket to the latest and greatest in craft beer brewing.

Why: What’s the best way to drink beer? In a mountainous area filled with enough shadowy corners and natural valleys into which to deposit the gastric returns from your alcoholic investment.


3) Short+Sweet Theatre 

7th February-31st March

What: The biggest little play festival will be returning once again with a smorgasbord of 10 minute plays to delight your tastebuds, with hundreds of talented actors, writers and directors showing off their skills and bringing you a wonderful season of short theatre.

Why: We know. The theatre. But it’s something you have to frequent at least on a biannual basis in order to maintain your intellectual superiority over your loved ones, and they’ve been so kind as to divvy it up into the most amount of time anyone can stand independent theatre without being offensively drunk.


2) Tropfest 

9th February

What: A free night under the stars as Tropfest premieres their 16 incredible finalist short films at the iconic and beautiful Parramatta Park. Come and experience an amazing night of fun, film and food in Parramatta! Great food and BYO!

Why: An event that lies somewhat in the middle of new talent and talent you’ve had to regrettably bin because it has that weird greenish tinge to it. The only revelatory challenge you will face is how to appear functionally sober with the amount of alcohol it takes in your system to try to intellectually discern the value of one indie short over another.


1) Red Hot Summer Tour Bella Vista 2019 feat. Chocolate Starfish, Richard Clapton, Diesel, The Living End, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts and Jimmy Barnes

3rd February

What: The red hot summer tour is back featuring Australia’s favourite son Jimmy Barnes, Joan Jett and The Blackhearts, The Living End, Diesel, Richard Clapton and Chocolate Starfish.

Why: Hey kid, wanna see a dead body? How bout six?

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