Top 10 Sydney Culture On this week 02/12/2018

Get ready to laugh, Sydney. At the life choices of 20-something year old contemporary artists. Also, Kevin Hart’s here.


10) Multicultural Mawlid

2nd December

What: It’s the biggest Islamic celebration in Australia today! With cultural food and performances all held at the Quaycentre.

Why: Bring your racist grandmother. It’s not only free, but the experience might just give her the heart attack you need to stop shelling out for that bloody retirement home.


9) POETICA – A Night For Celebrating The Year That Was

3rd December

What: An end of year celebration of Sydney’s poetry tribe. Open mic is still an option so bring your words, poets. And if you’re keen to play some original music and words bring it too.

Why: We know we’re pitching an open mic poetry night. But don’t be mad. We’re also pitching the chance to drunkenly lambast the very nature of open mic poetry before an audience. Just make sure it rhymes. It’s more fun that way.


8) Thinking Through Design: Floor Talks by Design Graduates

5th December

What: A lively discussion on approaches to contemporary design from the perspective of UNSW’s emerging Design Honours candidates. Light refreshments provided.

Why: “Light refreshments provided”. Well, that should perfectly counter the 600th time you’ve heard the term bourgeoisie exude aggressively and without any trace of irony from the mouth of someone that can monetarily afford to commit their lives to a bloody design degree.


7) Opening Night: Ghostwater

5th December

What: Ghostwater is an exhibition by artists Jamie and Danja Derkenne featuring digital images and sculptures that deal with the subject of ‘solastalgia’ – the psychological distress caused by environmental change.

Why: We’ll be honest. There’s no real need to go to this exhibition. Just go outside. It’s pretty goddamn distressing. Then go inside and promise yourself you’ll recycle. Then drink.


6) Indy Theatre Forum: Working With Presenters

3rd December

What: Critical Stages is hosting a special forum to discuss the relationship between artists and venues. How does a venue choose its programming? What curatorial policies exist at some of Sydney’s key independent theatre powerhouses and how do they approach choosing works for their audiences? What makes for an original and compelling season of work?

Why: If the experience of independent theatre itself wasn’t confusing and boring enough, take a deep dive into the fact it…actually takes planning.


5) Ensemble Apex presents: RHAPSODY IN BLUE

7th December

What: Lead by Sam Weller, the orchestra celebrates its second birthday with a night of jazz inspired classical music.

Why: You heard it here first, Sydney, sometimes improvisational jazz is not used as a war crime. Who knew?


4) National Art School BFA Exhibition Opening Night

6th December

What: ‘Released’ is Australia’s biggest and most dynamic Fine Art Graduate Exhibition, with new art from new artists on show across the National Art School. The opening night is not to be missed, with music, Young Henrys, dance floors, and of course the best emerging art on offer in Sydney.

Why: You know it’ll be a good night when the prospect of having to stroke the egos of 118 contemporary artists is on the table.


3) The Constellations Ep #9 with artist Jo Burzynska and Anina Rich

4th December

What: Join DLUX for a live recording of The Constellations, a podcast exploring art projects that operate at the intersections of science and technology. This podcast will feature the notion of Osmic Resonance – an audio-olfactory project that sought to harness sympathetic vibrations between sounds and aromas.

Why: Finally. A scientific explanation of the vibratory sound and aroma experience you had in the bathroom the morning after mixing Indian rogan josh and Scottish whisky.


2) Magic Mic Comedy feat. Sam Taunton

5th December

What: Sam’s been crushing stages locally and nationally for years now, including MCing the Melbourne International Comedy Festival’s Comedy Up Late and a spot on Tonightly with Tom Ballard. He’ll be tickling your funny bone as part of the Magic Mic series.

Why: Yes, we know. It’s always difficult to deign to like new comedians. But may we remind you, this is set in a bar. May we also remind you of that time when you were drunk and spent 2 hours laughing at C-Span?


1) The Kevin Hart Irresponsible Tour

7th & 8th December

What: Kevin Hart is bringing his widely successful and massively hysterical ‘The Kevin Hart Irresponsible Tour,’ to Australia in 2018 and will perform 360º in- the-round – a first for a stand-up comedy tour of this scale.

Why: Yeah. The guy responsible for such comedically genius performances as Ride Along, Get Hard and Ride Along 2 is going on the road without the aid of a distractingly exorbitant Hollywood budget. You don’t want to miss this.

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