Top 10 Sydney Culture On this week 02/09/2018

You are the Nightrider. You are a rocker,  you are a roller, you an are out-of-controller! And you seem a little…wound up. Perhaps some Tai Chi would help control those anger issues.


10) National Art Part 1

1st September-27th October

A concentrated dose of your artistic credit for the week, Sydney. 50 artists, 150 works, 7 decades of influence in Australian art. You won’t even have to move your ass in order to feel completely justified in spending the rest of the week watching Scrubs re-runs.


9) Open Day and Psychic Fair

8th September

It’s time to revisit the past. Remember that weird kid who invited you to their birthday one time and you ended up in some kind of what you hoped was a seance (except someone was clearly naked) with their extended family? Well, that kid’s grown up and is holding an entire festival dedicated to psychic readings, spirituality, vegan cuisine and conferencing with the dead.


8) 6 on 77 ½ George Street

1st-16th September

7 female designers, 6 Australian labels, 77 1/2 George Street. You bet your hipster ass this is a numbers game. Come on. This is Sydney. Your wallet comes pre-loaded with the kind of numbers that’d put a blush in an 18th century dandy’s cheek. So sashay down to the rocks for this ethical designer-collaboration pop up featuring one-of-a-kind pieces at one-of-a-certain-kind prices.


7) 2nd World Health Qigong Day

8th September

Breathe deep, kids. This one’s not just for geriatric retirees and pregnant mothers anymore. Well, at least for one day. Cause there’ll be free food and colourful things. It’s the annual celebration of Qigong – known as Tai Chi, so saddle up in your most forgiving harem pants. It still counts as spiritual expansion even though the expansion is somewhat localised to your digestive system.


6) Hal Wootten Lecture with Noel Pearson

6th September

De-coffee-mist those ignorant eyes, Sydney. It’s time once again to divest yourself of ignorance and behold Noel Pearson, lawyer, and member of the Expert Panel the the Constitutional Recognition of Indigenous Australians and the Referendum Council as he presents the annual Hal Wootten Lecture.


5) Parklands Food Fest

8th September

Hungry? No, no, not for some kind of existential validation. You’re essentially worthless and nothing will ever change that. No, we meant in the basest sense. Of course you are. That’s pretty much your only real emotion. The Parklands have the cure – a day of food, cooking, gardening helmed by Matt Preston.


4) Matsuri Japan Festival

8th September

Kanpai! Experience the Matsuri Japan Festival – a day of calligraphy, tea ceremonies, flower arranging, origami, traditional taiko drumming and martial arts performances and enough gastric fare to at least result in some kind of interesting bodily expulsion.


3) NY Portuguese Short Film Festival

6th September

There is more beyond the chicken, you troglodyte. The NY Portuguese Film Fest showcases the newest and most experimental of Portuguese short film, sure to annihilate your current repository of cobbled together archaisms and take out menus that informs your current perception of Portuguese culture.


2) Dr George Miller AO

4th September

A 60 minute power-session of hero worship with George Miller, director of Mad Max, who’ll be tracing his oscar-blasting films to his humble Chinchillian movie house youth. He’s seen it. He’s seen it all.


1) Sydney Fringe Festival

28th August-30th September

Voila! Wait…no. That doesn’t seem experimental enough. Uh…check out these tits! Close enough. Yes, this year The Sydney Fringe is turning nine and is upping their revelatory and comedic game. “From activating unused buildings, unlocking hidden gems and presenting major outdoor activations, the Sydney Fringe Festival connects you to the city in new ways. We are an annual snapshot of how Sydney feels, where we are and where we are heading.” With a full program of organs-out comedy and expression, expect this Fringe to be the most wildly nebulous investment you’ve ever made. And that includes your own marriage.

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