Top 10 Melbourne Revelry On this week 30/06/2019

You’ll be raving about this week for years. Unfortunately, Medicare only covers the first ten sessions of psychotherapy.


10) Progression Sessions Presents SHIBASS

6th July

What: ShiBass has developed his own unique style with his progressive sounds and full on psychedelic drops. This is definitely not a Progression Sessions to be missed!

Why: It’s ‘unique’ prog psych? Well. This is truly a one-in-a-lifetime event.


9) Glamorama pres. Sharam Jey

6th July

What: There are still a few DJs/producers out there who continue to burn the light bright and keep striving to push sound forward, onward and upward and find a way to take dance music and relate it to the masses and taking it to the masses is one thing Sharam Jey does best.

Why: Nothing says ‘pushing the musical envelope’ like club dance music with mass appeal.


8) DOWNTOWN ft. Harvey Sutherland (DJ), Northeast Party House (DJ) & Silversix

6th July

What: This “festival like” experience offers and supports the best Australian and local artists while being easily accessible under one roof. Enjoy dance tent vibes in the main room or lose yourself in the social utopia of the rooftop. This edition features Funk Synthesist Harvey Sutherland.

Why: You know what the complex instrumental groove of funk really needs? A club synth.


7) My Aeon presents LIVE feat. Terrafractyl, Smilk & Hypnagog

6th July

What: LIVE Presents is back for round 4 with a special LIVE psytrance edition. On headline duties is a true Aussie icon Terrafractyl, his alias Hypnagog as well as rising star Smilk. Get ready for a psychedelic journey like no other.

Why: One need not worry about the imminent rise of A.I. There’s no way auto-correct can assimilate the names of every psytrance producer into its system before the sun explodes.


6) Casaloca Deluxe: Club 23 Crown Finale

5th July

What: The last Friday night ever at Club 23 (as the venue is closing down). A night of fun and good vibes you’ve come to expect from Casaloca events. DJ Alberto, DJ Marz, DJ Andrew Avi & DJ Manuel will be spinning your favourite Salsa, Bachata, Reggaeton, R&B and House beats.

Why: The hallmark of any quality dance club: closing night.


5) Eat The Beat & Thick As Thieves: Together

6th July

What: Passion for electronic music and an unstoppable desire to party has brought together Eat The Beat and Thick As Thieves for this unique event! This is the electro rave to end all electro raves!

Why: “The electro rave to end all electro raves!”? Well, one can only hope.


4) Renegade XV ft. Simon Slieker

5th July

What: Renegade XV will be headlined by techno legend and Machine engine Simon Slieker. Making their Renegade debut will be California underground legend and curator of Wild Love Wednesdays, Drew Holly. Long time sister of the tribe Anja will be closing the main room with savage German techno, and Red Moon resident PG returns to make you sweat again.

Why: An Australian, a Californian and a German walk into a bar. You’ll hear the punchline on the night. You’ll be surrounded by drunken punchlines.


3) Solar. Day Party.

6th July

What: Solar Events are beyond thrilled to announce their biggest and most exciting daytime dance yet. Taking place within the realms of the Melbourne CBD, they’ll be stepping things up, transforming the space to truly encapsulate the unique Solar theme, including carefully curated production and lighting plus Funktion-One sound.

Why: Remember when secret music-based events involved either dirty anti-government underground or weird rich-list S&M? Yeah, we don’t either. The constant assault of generic club music has pounded our long-term recall function to a pulp.


2) Feather Print Records Launch Party

6th July

What: The exciting launch of brand new label ‘Featherprint Records’. The label has been created with the pure intention to give local talent a platform to thrive, delivering heartfelt progressive vibrations, downtempo, lush deep house & outdoor rompers that you love to hear way past your bed time.

Why: Well, at least they’re honest enough to admit that any current fan of prog house is still young enough to have a bed time. Hell, they’re just moving on from learning about verbs to learning about adverbs. Without much success.


1) Ronny Chieng 2019 Tour

6th July

What: The internationally acclaimed Chieng, who is now seen nightly on multi Emmy Award-winning The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, will return from his New York base to perform.

Why: There’s no better way to judge the quality of a comedian than their prevalence on Network television. Just look at Fallon.

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