Top 10 Melbourne Revelry On this week 27/01/2019

Flex your tongues, Melbourne. This is one week that’s not easy to pronounce.


10) Girls at Sea Boat Party

2nd February

What: Girls at Sea celebrates 6 years of boat parties & this year the team are pulling out all stops to make it bigger and better than ever! Be welcomed aboard by an acoustic band followed by DJ’s playing late into the night. Finger food supplied, drinks at bar prices.

Why: We can’t oversell the idea of getting drunk on a boat. The sea swallows vodka cruiser vomit like nothing on land ever could.


9) Konnekt’D presents DVS1

1st February

What: For the first time in 5 years, the man behind ‘Black Russian’ and the never before curated concept that is ‘The Wall of Sound’ is here to grace our ears…the return of DVS1!

Why: You know you’re in for a good night when you have to stuff your pockets with tissues for the inevitable blood-spurt from your exploded ear drums.’D-presents-DVS1/8577f760-2121-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


8) Dark Circus IV

27th January

What: Dark Circus, with dark DJ vibes, returns to Royal Melbourne Hotel on Australia Day Weekend. Featuring: Orkestrated, Katt Niall, Lockdown, Eliza Brayshaw, Alavate, Cooper Gibbs & More.

Why: Your stock standard bunch of unduly depressed 20-something-year-olds that think that the notion of being depressed somehow places the value of their existence above everyone else’s.


7) White Noise pres. Egbert & Secret Cinema

1st February

What: This is an exclusive double-header to Melbourne that you don’t want to miss! First up is an extra special LIVE set from none other than EgbertLIVE which promises to subscribe to the producer’s warm, upbeat and irresistible brand of techno. Next, an acclaimed Australian favourite: Secret Cinema who, for more than 25 years, has been seated firmly on the leading edge of techno.

Why: A night of techno without your father hinting at how much better life was in the true age of techno. You know. Before the immigrants.


6) Merkaba With Eve Olution

1st February

What: Bridging Earth to the cosmos, ancient past to the present future, MerKaBa & Eve Olution deliver a fresh and balanced energy to the realm of trance music.

Why: Well, we will admit that it’s not such an impressive feat. Anyone can bring the ancient past to the present future. Why the hell else would cafes be filled with 20 year olds using bloody typewriters?


5) Saint Evie Sunday’s Launch

27th January

What: Celebrate the long weekend with SAINT EVIE! Featuring a gourmet BBQ, lounge music, shishas in the sun, Aussie day decor and happy hour – all day long!

Why: …Then celebrate the return to work with violent reflux and wondering whether calling it ‘shisha’ is somehow a legal loophole.’s-Launch/264e8bf0-2121-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


4) Tramp Presents Aus Day Holiday Eve

27th January

What: The first public holiday eve of the new year slides right in during the summer season, so let’s kick things off with some Sunday funday at casa del Tramp! Anjoy the absolute best DJ talent that this fine city has to offer!

Why: Or slide right under your blankets in a depressed fervour when you realise your two options for this week are: paperwork or sweaty club. The world will not miss you when you’re gone.


3) Coastal Jam

27th January

What: A day of leisure in the sun, rubbing shoulders with some of the world’s best artists, with an artisanal food and beverage offering and festival-level production – amongst the unparalleled beauty of the world-renowned Lorne Coastline.

Why: So many opportunities to tie a cement block to your foot and drown yourself in the glorious watery silence you’ll be craving after about 20 minutes of non-stop bloody rave music.


2) Progression Sessions: Session Edition

2nd February

What: 1 week after Rainbow Serpent Festival 2019, 6 of your favourite locals will be playing at rainbow giving you all a space to reflect, catch up and talk to each other after Australia’s largest DOOF.

Why: Ahh. What two concepts go more appropriately together than ‘reflection’ and ‘DOOF’?


1) Puesta de Sol Summer Beach Party

28th January

What: A long weekend party like no other – no matter what Melbourne’s weather dictates. Cocktails on the beach, the sunset, and the sand at your feet whilst you party in style! As the sun sets, experience Latin Entertainment at its finest with non-stop roving entertainment, games and much more.

Why: It’s everything you could want out of your long weekend. Except of course for a deep sense of personal fulfilment. But, hell, that’s why they serve liquor.

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