Top 10 Melbourne Revelry On this week 25/11/2018

Strap in and bite down, Melbourne. You’re about to be electrified.


10) Miguel Campbell at The Disco

30th November

What: Miguel has been galvanised by the house music scene since the early 90’s and has been a DJ since that time. He’s back in town at onesixone for a night of pumping house music and DJ sampling.

Why: His current tweet is “Genius is the ability to put into effect what is on your mind.” So…think of his musical ability as equivalent to being able to toast a piece of bread, then eat it.


9) Cubby House

30th November

What: A play on a kid’s cubby house, Brown Alley will be hosting a DJ line up that will “make you want to slap some miniature walls”.

Why: There’s nothing less disturbing than equating a packed club of grinding, horny twenty-something year olds with a kid’s plastic cubby house.


8) My Aeon & Pelican Villa Presents ONE MAN ORCHESTRA

30th November

What: Harmonic skills and technical knowledge – These two main features characterise the sound of the One Man Orchestra. A distinctly dramatic, dynamic and most of all truly orchestral vibe played through the blessed Funktion One at My Aeon.

Why: Well, sure. You could just skip the bar scene, stay home, feed a cd of Brahms through a shredder and watch the sparks fly.


7) Kyoku Records present Cody Currie

30th November

What: Cody Currie, and his unique chuggy, jazzy and disco sound, with some of the most intricately detailed sampling work, is going to be taking over The Lounge.

Why: Cause nothing says deep underground electro artist like the name Cody.


6) White Noise pres. Doppel Live & Muska

30th November

What: 4 hours of two of the finest electronic music producers in Australia; the boys are set to shake the walls and blow the roof from New Guernica’s foundations en route to Subsonic Music Festival.

Why: 4 hours of electronic music will be just enough time for your spleen to explode out of your ears. That’s at least two weeks off work.


5) LAKE PEOPLE with Nicola Cruz, Martha Van Straaten, Uone & Moontide

25th November

What: A music festival of folk, psy-trance and electro sampling by the lake.

Why: Nothing says ‘good music’ like gentle folk sounds spewing out of a screaming synth.


4) Progression Sessions Presents JACOB

1st December

What: One the of best progressive international DJ acts from Brazil JACOB will be turning the dance floor of My Aeon into one wild space with everyone losing themselves to each track to say farewell to the Progression Sessions series.

Why: By losing themselves we assume that refers to progressively losing track of where the toilets are as they consume the vast quantities of alcohol it takes to appreciate sweaty DJ club music.


3) Bollywood Summer Beach Party

30th November

What: Party with Melbourne’s No.1 Bollywood DJs at Bar 420! Catch the Bollywood fever and celebrate the arrival of summer with a Bollywood theme, free beach balls and flower leis on the night.

Why: There’s nothing you white kids love more than celebrating cherry-picked misappropriated aspects of a foreign culture with music loud enough to prevent you from mulling over the deeply troubling implications.


2) House Lesbian Warehouse Party Vol 2

30th November

What: HOUSE is an all inclusive event; queers and friends are welcome to join “the biggest, funnest and best party” – Vol. 2 at Rubix Warehouse.

Why: Expect all the usual awkward, sweaty hells of a raging club night, but this time you won’t face homophobic discrimination. Guess there’s an upside to everything.


1) One Electric Day

26th November

What: Headlined by Australian rock icon Jimmy Barnes, and including the likes of the legendary The Angels, Ian Moss, Jon Stevens, Richard Clapton and Thirsty Merc, this is the epitome of an Oz rock festival.

Why: You heard right. Thirsty Merc. They’re…still alive. Turns out they weren’t formed out of some weird country-wide toxic fume leak-caused inoffensive pop-rock delusion.

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