Top 10 Melbourne Revelry On this week 23/09/2018

Shed your clothing Melbourne. This week you’re getting dirty. You’re going feral…and it’s really just good sense to keep your suit stain free. Make sure you hang it on a wooden not a wire hanger.


10) Cross Uni Queer Ball

27th Sep

A night to celebrate with all the pageantry and formality -no we’re kidding of course. A night of drinking and partying to celebrate the…well…to celebrate just for the hell of it.


9) The Listening Party

28th Sep

Yup. The instructions are on the cover, kids. It’s about shutting up, dancing, drinking and doing everything possible to cork your noise hole to the sounds of live DJs.


8) Rinse & Repeat Present: BOOGS

28th Sep

We’re assuming that’s why he wears a cap indoors. Dandruff from over-washing can be a very embarrassing problem. But that’s not to say his rampant dandruff affects his ability to spin one hell of a house DJ set. Though…they might want to rinse off the headphones afterwards.


7) William Ryan Key

28th Sep

Contemporary American music. There’s just so much to hate. Perhaps this night with indie quasi-pop-punk musician William Ryan Key will give you a night off from your seething derision. …Hopefully.


6) Camelphat

27th Sep

Sounds appetising, yes? Well, we guess it is good news, then that you don’t physically consume house music as a diet. We don’t believe it’s healthy to so regularly and violently vibrate your spleen. However…these guys might not agree with us. New on the scene Camelphat has added a second show and your doctor should…probably be on speed dial.


5) Oktoberfest at East of Everything with Grand Final Day Party

25th Sep-4th Oct

Yeah, but so what? It’s not really violative cultural appropriation if you’re doing it to the Germans. A week of festivities, including a Grand Final celebration, drunken debauchery and all the Kummerspeck you can cram down your Innerer Schweinehund.


4) Tramp and Candy Day

28th Sep

It’s not what you think. Unfortunately. However, it’s still going to be a hell of a party. Over 20 DJs to celebrate Grand Final eve. It seems they just wont stop with the curveballs.


3) Tromba Latin Fiesta – Carnaval

27th Sep

Let’s be honest. Who doesn’t associate the Grand Final with a Latin Fiesta? Only crazy people and mormons we assume. That’s right the perfectly normal way to celebrate the Grand Final – a night of Reggaeon, Bachata and Salsa will ring in the Grand Final. In all the ways you’d expect.


2) Wolf Alice

26th Sep

“Wolf Alice are not just another indie band”. Well, that’s all the information we need. You need more? Okay. They’ve “contributed to iconic soundtracks including 2016’s Ghostbusters and T2 Trainspotting“. Yeah. That shut you up, buddy.


1) Extra Dirty

28th Sep

…are turning 10! And damn if these gods of the gay partying underground don’t look sexier than ever. A wicked party, a wicked sound, all sexualities, all subcultures, this’ll be one melting pot from which you’ll never want to resolidify.

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