Top 10 Melbourne Revelry On this week 23/02/2020

Drink the rainbow.


10) Full Moon Party

28th February

What: Billboard The Venue will be completely transformed over 2 rooms, with 1000’s of free glow sticks, festival wands, flashing leis, UV face and body paint, fire performers and amazing neon light shows!

Why: Like a bad LSD trip but completely devoid of any meaningful revelations.


9) TR!P 12: Heroines of Hard Trance

29th February

What: At this instalment of Trip, they will pay homage to the leading ladies of the Hard Trance scene who have rocked our trance floors for decades on end. It’s no secret that in the DJ industry men vastly outnumber the women, however quantity is definitely not an indicator of quality. So as this TR!P is one week out from International Women’s day they will not only be celebrating 5 quality female DJs, but all women for being the incredible life creating creatures that they are.

Why: Women are equal to men. Unfortunately, that means no one is spared the assault of EDM music.!P-12:-Heroines-of-Hard-Trance/f5045ee0-542c-11ea-96b7-b132cf2a7536


8) Pressing Buttons: Mona

29th February

What: Pressing Buttons introduces their second instalment, Mona. Monachopsis is the underlying feeling of unease caused by not belonging; you are hearing a song but can’t feel its meaning, you are on foreign land but can’t find the little signs of home or you are surrounded by people but can’t seem to connect. At Pressing Buttons, they want people to know that speaking about these feelings to close friends, family and health professionals has enormous benefits. Monachopsis causes many to seek comfort in music; their safe haven, their escape. Music can often express emotions more clearly than words and this is why the sets played on the night will focus on conveying monachopsis. In the hope of curating an environment where people can find belonging in a collective safe place, through both music and dance. Taking you through this journey are: Adrian Bell (Bunker), Ben Edwards (Insatiable, Pressing Buttons), Brayden Warburton & Tom Szabo (Fütwerk, Equinox Events/affinity), Henry Moir & Lachlan Ewers (Abnormal Apparent) and Ryan Diep (Dj PO, Pressing Buttons).

Why: It’s a f***ing rave. That’s it.


7) Inflatable Day Party feat. Morning Maxwell

29th February

What: The Dangerous Goods Entertainment team officially welcomes you to 2020 with one hell of a day party which will include inflatables galore, a stacked lineup of Melbourne’s finest DJs and a production like you’ve never experienced! Dangerous Goods Entertainment presents a day party full of groovin’ & movin’ all day long featuring a venue including all of your favourite disco, house, and techno hits accompanied with an outdoor area where you can dance, smoke and enjoy the sun. Whether you want to party to the music or enjoy quality times with friends, Dangerous Goods Ent offers an experience you’ll want to remember leaving your mind in a state of melodic trance.

Why: Growing up is overrated. Growing Gonorrhea bacteria is a minor sacrifice for eternal youth.


6) Holi Tribe Festival

29th February

What: Holi festival has an ancient origin and celebrates the triumph of good over bad. On this day, people hug and wish each other ‘Happy Holi’. Numerous legends & stories associated with Holi celebration make the festival more exuberant and vivid. People rub ‘gulal’ and ‘abeer’ on each others’ faces and cheer up saying ‘HOLI HAI!’. Holi also gives you a wonderful chance to send blessings and love to dear ones. A unique event that offers a taste of Indian Holi and will have your spirit dancing non stop to Techno, Trance, Deep House and Tech House.

Why: If you happen to see an actual Indian person at this event amidst the sea of flabby white fans of Slumdog Millionaire, be sure to alert the organisers. They’ll be ecstatic.


5) Melbourne Cocktail Festival

26th February-1st March

What: One city. Five days. Countless cocktails. Expect a thoughtful line-up of workshops, guided tours, tastings, seminars, art installations and activations – all centred around the art of cocktail-making. It’s for cocktail diehards and industry professionals alike. One of the events, Bar Safari, will be an immersive, choose-your-own-adventure through 20-plus Melbourne cocktail venues, including Black Pearl, Eau De Vie, Peaches, Cutler & Co, Bar Liberty and more. There’ll be a day dedicated to tastings, with local and international producers, suppliers, farmers and makers showcasing their techniques. To celebrate the festival’s debut, street artist Kitt Bennett painted a 100-metre-long rooftop mural depicting a bartender and martini glass. Bennett produced the work in 70 hours over seven days using around 100 litres of paint.

Why: A week in the life of a functioning alcoholic, but organised and approved by the City of Melbourne. So, prohibitively expensive.


4) Beerfest

29th February

What: BeerFest Australia will take festival-goers on a journey of beer and food discovery; exploring rare brews, beer/food pairing and exclusive festival brews, ciders, cocktails and boutique spirits from around the Country, direct from the brewers themselves. The festival will feature over 300 unique, exotic and small batch craft beers, ciders, cocktails and wines, hand crafted and perfectly complemented by the most decadent local street eats. BeerFest Australia continues to delivers a huge line-up of live entertainment with Australian electronic dance group Art vs Science headlining all seven festivals across Australia.

Why: When debilitating addiction meets folksy connoisseurship. (Around the time when the word ‘brew’ is first used.)


3) MIKA ‘Revelation’ Tour

27th February

What: Frontier Touring are thrilled to announce a February 2020 tour for international pop sensation MIKA, returning to Australia for the first time in 11 years and performing in New Zealand for the very first time. MIKA will headline four shows as part of his Revelation Tour in the wake of his fifth album My Name Is Michael Holbrook, described by Billboard as “his boldest record yet”. The result of two years of songwriting in Miami and Tuscany, MIKA’s fifth and latest studio album My Name Is Michael Holbrook was recorded using vintage synths in Brussels with producers Marc Crew and Dan Priddy. The entire album features organic soundscapes which speak to various decades of pop and represent MIKA’s journey of self discovery. Tracks of note from this album include ‘Ice Cream’, ‘Tiny Love’, ‘Cry’ and ‘Platform Ballerina’, with MIKA’s “frankly empowering lyrics” [Gigwise], with respect to the beauty standards forced upon women.

Why: A feminist, Lebanese-English pop artist wielding vintage German synths. All he’s missing is his own craft liquor.‘Revelation’-Tour-(Melbourne)/e94c4380-45e8-11ea-96b7-b132cf2a7536


2) Babylon in the Park

23rd February

What: Featuring an amazing collection of acts playing across three stages; from techno & house to psychedelic, magnificently orchestrated to create a spectacular visual and audio sensory experience at the iconic Sidney Myer Music Bowl. Alan Fitzpatrick will be headlining Babylon In The Park for his Australian debut. Babylon legend, partner and curator Carl Cox is set to give attendees the party they’ve been waiting for – “Carl Cox techno”. Ann Clue, female DJ & producer, best friend and creative collaborator with Boris Brejcha will also be featured along with world renowned classical pianist, turned synth king and electro veteran Reinier Zonneveld.

Why: The mythologised city of Babylon finally has truly impenetrable walls. Because there is no traditional manner of desensitisation to pain that will enable you to get through the aural assault of EDM music neurologically alive.


1) Down to Earth: A Fire and Climate Relief Concert

26th February

What: A collective of some of Australia’s most beloved artists have announced they are coming together for Down To Earth – A Fire and Climate Relief Concert, featuring performances by (listed in alphabetical order) Angus and Julia Stone, Briggs, Gang Of Youths, Jack River, Ruby Fields, Tash Sultana and Thelma Plum. A joint statement from the group said ‘Collectively, our hearts go out to the families who have lost loved ones, the firies who have put their lives on the line and continue to, and the communities across Australia suffering. We hope to give you the greatest thing we can in this time of great need – our voices and our songs.’ With 100% of profits being donated, the event will raise much needed funds for immediate fire relief via Red Cross and WIRES, as well as funding organisations that focus on long term solutions, education and leadership for the fire and climate emergency in Australia.

Why: 100% of the profits will go to Red Cross and WIRES. Where will they go from there? Well, that’s the great thing about this event. You’re not legally or morally liable.

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