Top 10 Melbourne Revelry On this week 22/12/2019

You’re headed for a fall this week. But that’s to be expected when you’ve had a litre of raw eggs, bourbon and heavy cream for breakfast.


10) Pawsa: Day Party

22nd December

What: After an unforgettable event last year, London based producer, PAWSA makes his return to Melbourne this Summer. This time they’re upping the ante at the uber-cool Timber Yard for a full venue 360 degrees day of entertainment & music.

Why: If you’re unfamiliar with his canon, just type ‘techno’ into SoundCloud and listen to 5 seconds of anything that comes up. You’ll get the gist.


9) Technoir’s 15th Annual Xmas Party

25th December

What: After a slightly extended hiatus over the colder months in Melbourne, Technoir is back in a new home to carry on it’s longest running tradition; their annual Christmas Party, which will see it’s 15th consecutive incarnation take place this December. This year’s event will take place over two levels in order to showcase a seriously solid selection of Techno acts from this fine city. Making their Technoir debut will be Paul Lynch, TFG, and Lara K (Live) while returning guests include Concealed, Qualé and ACM (Live). As always, these fine artists will be joined by Technoir’s resident rabble-rousers Dee Dee, Simon Slieker and Ranjit Nijjer.

Why: One of the most aggressively loud and grating fifteen-year-olds you’ll ever meet. And that is saying a lot.’s-15th-Annual-Xmas-Party/6f537c10-22a2-11ea-bd3a-87e544f47372


8) Bang Bang

26th December

What: Like a one night stand but more memorable, come together while the lives of seemingly unrelated people are woven together for one night only in the basement of Tramp. Bizarre but familiar, they take the seemingly simple and make it a little more complicated. Music you love, people you will love and memories you wont soon forget – Bang Bang.

Why: And similarly, there’s an 80% chance you’ll wake up the next morning covered in microwave nachos with a raging flare up of genital herpes.


7) Creek (Live)

28th December

What: The hairy Creek rad-lords originally ascended from four riverbanks Victoria-wide, merging in Melbourne to share tales of nature, fiction, friction, and the world in which we all exist. With influences spanning across a diverse range of musical styles – alt rock, prog, psych, blues, folk, jazz & 60’s/70’s pop – it’s in the band’s framework to deliver an unforgettable experience, filled with timeless beats, wild rhythms, and captivating guitars. Experience them live.

Why: You know a band is generic, white and indie when they throw around slang from the 70s.


6) The NeverEnding Storyville: Boxing Day Party

26th December

What: The scratch to satisfy any party itch this holiday season. Taking place within the magical walls of one of the CBD’s most beautifully crafted venues, a notorious selection of Melbourne’s most vibrant souls & greatest beat slingers will gather to provide the soundtrack to your holiday festivities with your rave family. Organic Audio have been super excited to fill this place with the sounds of talented locals & put on a party like no other for quite some time. This is going to be the ultimate lift-off in delivering that quintessential festival vibe inside the walls of one of Melbourne’s best spaces.

Why: No horses will be harmed, horse tranquillisers may be ingested.


5) Milk! Christmas Show

22nd December

What: They have had another incredible year at Milk! with releases from Tiny Ruins, Hand Habits, Courtney Barnett, Jade Imagine, Sleater-Kinney, Chastity Belt, Dyson Stringer Cloher and a few more 2019 releases to be announced soon! To celebrate 2019 they are throwing 2 big Xmas parties at the Northcote Social Club.The line-up features Courtney Barnett, Hachiku, Loose Tooth and special guests to be announced!

Why: An indie record label celebrating their latest yapping brood. Reason enough to ingest a terrific quantity of alcohol.!-Christmas-Show/dbc45e60-22a1-11ea-bd3a-87e544f47372


4) Boxing Day Blues

26th December

What: Beginning in 2002 with the legendary Chris Wilson & The Spidermen teaming up with Geoff Achison & The Souldiggers for a post-Christmas blues bash, this traditional event has become the stuff of legend. This year, like the phoenix rising, the Boxing Day Blues tradition continues. Geoff Achison & The Souldiggers will be joined by George & Fenn Wilson with guitarist Shannon Bourne plus Kerri Simpson & special guests for a night of high octane, impromptu blues jams. Don’t miss this gathering of some of Melbourne’s top blues/roots acts.

Why: A perfect musical evocation of your ravaged post-Christmas emotional state. Also there’ll be liquor.


3) Spiderbait (Live)

28th December

What: The story of Spiderbait is an unlikely but heartwarming one – three friends from a small Australian country town taking on the music scene, and emerging triumphantly 25 years later, friendship intact, and now one of the biggest and best rock bands on the national landscape. They have racked up pretty much every accolade there is to achieve on the Australian scene, having taken home numerous ARIA Awards, chalked up a number one single (their 2004 cover of Leadbelly’s Black Betty) and even topped the prestigious triple j Hottest 100 (for Buy Me A Pony, 1996). Come experience them live.

Why: Remember the TV show Rage? They sure as hell do.


2) Falls Festival

28th-31st December

What: Every summer since 1993, The Falls Music & Arts Festival has been at the forefront of the east coast Australian festival scene, defining the real difference between a mere music festival and a true festival experience. Capturing the essence of the Australian summer spirit, Falls embraces diversity, sustainability and community within a contemporary music event like no other. Transcending the common festival model, taking the time to curate a sophisticated experience that properly respects and honours time, people and place.

Why: They didn’t need to get all flowery with language like ‘transcending’. They could’ve just said ‘MDMA hotbed’. It’s 80% of the appeal.


1) Beyond the Valley

28th-31st December

What: Beyond The Valley is a boutique Australian music festival that began in 2014, and runs annually over the New Year’s Eve period. Each year, a carefully crafted selection of world class local and international artists perform across three distinctly designed, purpose built stages. Rüfüs Du Sol and US rapper Tyler, the Creator have been named as headliners this year. Other highlights on this year’s bill include Chicago house legend Curtis Jones (aka Green Velvet) and techno duo Claptone, along with rightfully hyped DJ Honey Dijon and grime MC Skepta. Which isn’t to say there isn’t a stack of local talent as well, with the likes of Hayden James, Matt Corby, Meg Mac, The Veronicas and Mallrat all set to perform as well.

Why: Who knew a boutique festival could feature such unnoteworthy tributes to musical genericism?

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