Top 10 Melbourne Revelry On this week 22/07/2018

Down on your knees, Melbourne. Say your prayers. For the unicorns are coming. The space unicorns. And they’re coming for your soul. Also House, Indie Rock and Electro. But let’s not get overly technical about it.


10) Deakin Devils Pres. Mathletes vs Athletes

22nd July

Nerds versus jocks, intellectuals versus morons, Eloi versus Morlocks…we believe as a society we’ve all grown past this myopic manner of judgement. However, one thing none of us will ever be above is killing the dance-floor in lensless glasses and lightly pleasurable paddle play with a springy tennis racquet. We’ll damn sure drink to that.


9) Revolver Sundays present Pig&Dan

22nd July

Destination unknown. Hold on. Well, it’s at the revolver, but really we were referring to the notion that these prolific DJs will be taking your mind and your body on one hell of a musical journey from Ibiza to Buenos Aires to Tokyo. So, airbnb can go screw itself. You don’t need to stay in some defunct east German bunker directly under a crack den to consider yourself a worldly traveller. You just gotta buy a ticket.


8) Sahar Z Lost and Found

28th July

Doesn’t matter. Whatever you just said or thought it doesn’t matter. Cause we got 12 straight hours of techno-house mainlining straight to your heart via Tel Aviv.


7) White Noise pres. Antix/Ford

27th July

Goths? New Zealand Goths? Progressive Tech Goth Goliaths from New Zealand? What a time to be alive.



28th July

It’s a turf war. Don’t worry. Not the Jets and the Sharks. These are the guys that came after them. You know…the ones with no traceable past and who can occasionally be seen wearing the same slightly blood-stained clothes of the previous gangs? It’s an electro battle night. INSTASIS versus B2B. Clicking will be met with…displeasure.


5) Tim Sweeney Beats in Space

27th July

Sax on the radio, sax in the bar, sax in space, sax all night long. There’s no place and no time where or when this guy won’t sax.


4) Vaudeville and Burlesque Open Mic

24th & 26th July

There’s no greater tonic to the ego and organs beyond than a night of sexy burlesque performed by amateurs. Just sit back, relax and feel your sense of superiority (amongst other things) grow.


3) Weekly Bible Study (Secret Vaudeville)

24th July

Back weary from lugging that big impressive hunk of wood around? Unclench your quads, clasp your hands and relieve your burden to them. They’ll handle it for you. Expunge your soul and your…other…pent up things.


2) Live Your Unicorns Fantasy

28th July

Feeling horny? Yeah. We’re not too proud for that cheap shot. But seriously, a night of the glitteriest warehouse-dance-floor-grinding, prancing unicorn fantasies come to life. Ride hard, find the rainbow.


1) Mortisville’s Birthday Extravaganza: Westworld

27th July

An audio visual outing to Westworld, this’ll finally be the night when external reality reflects the festering reality of your cynical soul.’s-Birthday-Extravaganza/f4342170-8cb0-11e8-8b65-f3b5b6d8a99e

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