Top 10 Melbourne Revelry On this week 21/10/2018

Plunge yourself into a week of Halloween delights, Melbourne. For all too soon…you’ll be at a bloody Taylor Swift concert.


10) Christopher Boots Halloween Ball

27th October

A theme of bioluminescence will welcome the “children of the night” into this Halloween celebration of live performances, DJs, and…well…okay, just read their description: “Researchers have found that this form of chemiluminescence produces blue-green light as a result of the oxidation of a compound called luciferin (the “light-bringer”). Be inspired and create an outfit that lights up this annually anticipated party“. ….Ugh.


9) Halloweenfest Melbourne

26th October

We’ve never understood the adding of the suffix ‘-fest’ to everything. Seems to give off the vibe of…gangrene. In which case, ditch one of Melbourne’s biggest halloween parties held in a three story haunted house and just…visit your grandmother.


8) 15 Year Birthday Bash

27th October

We know. Odd phrasing. We don’t believe we’ve ever heard a fifteen year old use the phrase ‘bash’ to mean ‘party’. Unless bash is some type of anally-ingested party drug. But, they’ve gone for the term so, come, celebrate 3 Ravens’ 15 year anniversary with 15 beers on tap, and hopefully at least 15 newer ways in which to describe a party.


7) Lucid 2nd Bday: 25 Hour Party People

27th October

A strange proclamation. Two year olds are very rarely lucid. And considering that their constant companions are usually the parents of two-year-olds, the parents are very rarely lucid either. Luckily, as with all lucky moments, there are no children involved here. Nay, this is a 25 hour party with live DJs and live drinking which you’ll hopefully leave…still alive.


6) Wildwood: The Third Revolution

27th October

We are aware that Wildwood: The Third sounds like a fancy upper-class British porn. However, this is not that. This is Wildwood’s first event in over a year and come expecting a “celebration of life, love, music” and, of course, intoxicants.


5) Melbourne TECHNO Collective Celebrate 16 years of TECHNO

26th October

Another in the techno lineup for this week. But this one is held by the masters of techno. To celebrate their sixteenth birthday, they’re hosting a hell of a techno party wherein overexposure will apply in every sense of the term.


4) ElectroSwing & Glitch (Halloween Edition)

26th October

Nope. Not the newest buddy-cop TV series. Though…that does sound pretty damn amazing. Rather, my Aeon is hosting a techno trance in the name of Halloween with a free drink or two for best dressed.


3) The LuWOW Halloween

27th October

Bring out your inner beast. No, we don’t mean the horror of the perverse human condition and all its requisite vices. Rather, we mean dress like an animal (which we’ve been assured is compulsory) and celebrate Halloween with a Cramps cover band.


2) Kyneton Music Festival

26th & 27th October

Okay, we’ll be honest. Kyneton is just one of those place names we’ll never remember how to pronounce. But we’re not worried, this three day music festival is hosting a whole lot of new acts we can’t pronounce either. So, just keep your mouth shut and pretend to appreciate new music.


1) Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour

26th October

Yes. She’s here. Can we move on?

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