Top 10 Melbourne Revelry On this week 21/04/2019

This week begins with the end. Actually, several ends. We can’t seem to get an end off. You try.


10) Whitebear Day Party

27th April

What: After releasing his latest E.P “The Odyssey Pt 1” Whitebear has been developing his sound, focusing on the heavier end of the bass music spectrum. Joining him is an incredible support line up that traverses an eclectic blend of genres and is guaranteed to satisfy your tastebuds.

Why: Preface the ANZAC morn solemn trumpet with the solemn reminder that this is, to many, the peak of current music.


9) Sriracha Basement Party

26th April

What: Sriracha presents a night of Afrobeats & good vibes only. They’re all about good energy & the finest selections. Their Ye is different.

Why: Ye. Because ‘finesse’ was just too vulgar-a term, wasn’t it?


8) Honey Debut Single Launch

26th April

What: Honey return to their spiritual home to celebrate the release of their debut single. Their agenda is unchanging: to bring you aboard Amber’s mothership of cosmic boogaloo, burn through as much disco-fuel as they can, and re-enter the atmosphere some time in the early hours of the morning.

Why: The only honey moral vegans can consume. Look it up.


7) Underground Rebels Ft. Sammy La Marca

21st April

What: Underground Rebels: Deep, Techno, House and Disco. Back where it all started. Featuring: Sammy La Marca, Josh Kerr, Jake Shepherd, Nial Snooks, Samuel Pulsford, Jack Smart, Dean Patton, Jack Nugent, Kieran Hedges and Spencer Ward.

Why: Nothing says ‘rebellion’ like the most popular hits from the seventies.


6) Avenue: R-Rated Party

24th April

What: An R-Rated Themed Party with Melbourne’s hottest RnB DJ’s at LUX Nightclub! RNB, Hip Hop and Latin sounds in the heart of Chapel Street.

Why: Nothing says ‘party’ like a reference to the Australian Classification Board’s categorisation system.


5) Capture

24th April

What: A killer party ranging through Progressive, Tech, House and Techno. Bringing you 3 of Melbourne’s best and unique artists to provide an intense yet uplifting experience, something that has not been done in the area yet.

Why: It’s like travelling all the way to Paris and eating at McDonalds.


4) Dark Circus Invades Deluxe ft Lockdown & More

24th April

What: Get ready for a night where the tunes are dark, and your senses are dazzled with performers and other surprises all night long!

Why: You know what classic burlesque has always needed? Techno music. What a time to be alive.


3) The Final Boogie

24th April

What: Anzac Eve marks 5 years since it all began so there is only one way to celebrate Boogie Beat’s time in the Melbourne music scene. They will be going all out on stage design, production and sound. So for the final time, please gather your wildest crews, put on your best dancing shoes and get ready for the biggest party in boogie beats history.

What: Huh. We thought the final boogie referred to just before the point in history when we collectively agreed that Michael Jackson’s greatest hits would be permanently removed from the airwaves.


2) SkiiTour Pyjama Party

26th April

What: Tim and Dave together create 12 feet and 350 pounds of turbo­-funk-­boosted, snowsuit­-donning man flesh. TGS and Rainbow Serpents theme camp builders The Kickons Crew are teaming up to bring you a bright and colourful production to accompany these funk-spinners complete with themed rooms and stages, professional Lighting and Visuals whilst accompanied with dancers and an amazing sound system.

Why: Proof that Canadians have the capacity to be just as viscerally offensive as Americans.


1) Melbourne International Comedy Festival

21st April

What: An annual event, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival literally takes over Australia’s comedy capital, Melbourne, each autumn with an enormous program of stand-up comedy, cabaret, theatre, street performance, film, television, radio and visual arts.

Why: Laugh with something other than bitter resentment. Unless you accidentally bought tickets to Dave Hughes.

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