Top 10 Melbourne Revelry On this week 19/08/2018

Tease; tessellate; resist. There’s nothing you can do to escape the cold, Melbourne. But you’re going to have a hell of a lot of fun trying.


10) AV Worldwide Meet Up

25th August

Shhhh. You’ll need your to save your voice for all the protest screaming you’ll de doing, dammit. With 600 chapters worldwide, and at least 3 hit shows and 2 movies based upon the notion of their existence that far overreaches in terms of their actual power, Anonymous for the Voiceless’s Melbourne chapter are holding a boozy three course vegan night of post-animal-rights-march awareness and…given the existence of their private bar…ever-so-slightly decreasing awareness.


9) Full Moon Party

25th August

“Can’t make it to Thailand?” Yes. That’s the beginning of the description of this event and, frankly, we’ve never felt so understood in all our lives. A night of boozy celebration of the thai festival wherein…you won’t have to bother any confused locals with your actual boorish presence. In…in Thailand we mean.


8) Coast 2 Coast LIVE

21st August

It’s time to whip out your frostiest disdain and stroke the hell out of your ego, cause Coast 2 Coast is one of the largest artist showcases in the world, judged by a celebrity panel and swarming with DJs, producers and the media – judged, of course, by you, who’ll be ensconced in the womb-like safety of the audience seating area.


7) Inner Melbourne Folk Marquee

21st August

One night only at the vaudeville comes…folk? Yes, we can understand why this is one night only. And yet, we suggest it’ll be at the very least interesting to see these indie folk troubadours tickle the strings in a venue usually usually for tickling…other…areas.


6) House LGBTQIA+ Party

24th August

Melbourne’s home of the LGBTQIA+ community is holding an all-night shindig to celebrate the fact that the LGBTQIA+ community should be taking full advantage of every chance to celebrate as hard as possible, dammit.


5) Tease Launch

24th August

RnB, which, given the nature of this event could stand for Righteousness and Butts, as a new jazz club launches in Melbourne with the most electrifying MALE stage show. That’s right, people. It’s about damn time we objectify the hell out the male form and cavort like the greeks of old. You know the ones we mean.


4) 1337 Day Party ft. Mandragora

25th August

Another day party! And you thought all we’d bring you is ‘resist?’. Ye of little faith. Nay, this day party features not the sound-blast of the rave style, but rather psychedelic destruction. It is on the same day though, so you might want to start your morning with something a little stronger than coffee. We’ve heard good things about Sustagen. Though…wait…no…it’s some kind of white powder anyway.


3) Tessellate

24th August

We’d make a sleazy play on words about a night of figuring out just how well your body parts tessellate with the nearest drunkest stranger, but, frankly, we’re above that. Just like you’ll be above, beside and under the nearest drunkest strangers. Perfectly. Electro bass beneath your feet, ascension into the “industrial guts of the city” and “the swirling masses of feet and bodies part in front of you as you carve your path through the room.


2) Resist Day Rave

25th August

In the darkness, Melbourne comes alive. But, hell, if you have to be alive during the day you damn sure should take advantage of every opportunity that comes along to drink, dance and party like you wouldn’t be doing this every day if you could because you’re perfectly functional. Here it is – an afternoon of house, techno and minimal to meter the horrors of daytime living with the delights of nighttime liquid therapy.


1) Trevor Noah: End Of Days

23rd August

Trevor Noah, host of the Emmy and Peabody Award–winning program The Daily Show in the US is manifesting in all his brilliant glory in Melbourne. Oh, believe us. You need to buy these tickets.

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