Top 10 Melbourne Revelry On this week 19/05/2019

It’s a week of anniversaries, Melbourne! No. You haven’t forgotten something important. You’re still facing a future of crushing loneliness.


10) Discoteca Grande (Festa Di S. Giovanna)

25th May

What: Devote yourself and celebrate your sins for a night you won’t forget! Saturday night of the festa is the ‘Big Dance’ and it’s the only true way to pay homage to the patron saint. There will be drinking. And dancing. (Lots of dancing). But most importantly there will be plenty of mischief! Let your hair down and get ready to get loose.

Why: Thought disco was dead? Well you hadn’t reckoned on the state of current pop music forcing people with no ability to reminisce on its heyday to delve desperately into the past.


9) Beat & Path Warehouse Party

25th May

What: The Beat & Path crew is finally coming together for one last hurrah as one big happy family. It is a very special occasion for the label to gather as a collective and they’re welcoming you into their clan via the d-floor. This Warehouse Label Showcase is just what the family doctor ordered.

Why: They’re so enthusiastic they’ve omitted a portion of a monosyllabic word. Get p-d for this one.


8) TR!P 2nd Birthday All*Star ‘VS’ Night

25th May

What: TR!P Celebrates its 2nd Birthday with a massive VS night and an All*Star DJ line up to rock the walls of 24 Moons! Expect to see 12 DJ’s that have all played in the past, so don’t miss this opportunity to see an act you may have missed previously!

Why: Just like every 2 year old’s birthday. Loud, populated by people you’re told you should already know and awash with way too may unidentifiable bodily fluids.!P-2nd-Birthday-All*Star-‘VS’-Night/71c68db0-76a5-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


7) My Aeon Presents The Boiler Room

24th May

What: Celebrate quality music with some of the best local DJs as they play in the middle of the room with you all around them. This will be an interactive night taking you on a journey with a mixture of Techno, Tech-house & House music.

Why: The one thing that was missing from a club night? You having to look at the 40-something guy in a backwards cap yelling ‘pump it up’


6) The Grogans

24th May

What: The ever developing three-piece are rolling into this year on the back of a string of support slots and festival appearances, along with touring the East Coast in support of their double A-side effort “Washed Out”. With the garage band adding riff orientated jams into their homage to the surf rock of the ’60’s, anticipation grows for what’s next!

Why: Surf rock for a time in which fresh surf foam is unsafe for children and the elderly.


5) Solar: The Third Day (Day Party)

25th May

What: The Third Day is a very unique indoor/outdoor warehouse located in North Melbourne. Along with this exceptional venue comes a premium lineup featuring an array of talent including Sunshine, Brian Fantana, Rory Marshall, Ryan Haynes, The Slingsby Brothers and much more.

Why: Well, they certainly played this one right. It’s a rave. But it’s different. Because there’s an indoors and an outdoors.


4) Kaze No Mori Sake Tasting 

25th May

What: An advocate of Muroka (non-charcoal filtered sake) and Nama (unpasteurised), 13th generation Yoshihiko Yamamoto wants his customers to experience the authentic flavour and texture of his superfresh namazake. One of the most requested sake brands in the underground sake scene, this is one event that you don’t want to miss.

Why: There’s an underground sake scene. Who knew? Somehow it’s difficult to imagine the need for clandestine consumption of the liquid that fuels the highest rung of slightly older hipster.


3) Arteq Turns Four with Florian Kruse, Mark Broom & Raxon

25th May

What: Arteq Productions presents Arteq turns Four! They have invited 3 world class DJ’s to join the celebration: German deep and melodic house expert Florian Kruse, UK’s very own hard hitting, techno and house mastermind Mark Broom and The Egyptian King in Raxon for his second Arteq show in 2 years.

Why: A cultural soup heated to perfection by the one thing that every culture has in common: generic club music.


2) 5 Years of Pelican Villa

19th May

What: From wild ravenous warehouse raves in the industrial north, to a weekend party under a magical canopy of trees in the heart of Toolangi forest… Pelican Villa has touched the souls of many over the last 5 years delivering the people with their much needed dose of good music and wholesome vibrations in the form of Deep House, Prog and Techno. This is a party commemorating the last 5 years of feather shaking good times, so come dressed for the occasion!

Why: We’ve not heard of rave-goers being associated with large ocean fowl before, but a predatory bird with the ability to store three gallons of liquid in its neck seems strangely apt.


1) Equinox: Second Anniversary

25th May

What: After two fruitful years it is time to usher in a new era. The vision with Equinox has and always will be to create immersive audio-visual experiences through art, culture, sound and production. Inspired by the seminal film ‘2001: a space odyssey’, this event will see them navigate the perplexing nature of time and space; harnessing the latest in lighting and installation technology.

Why: If there’s one thing we know about Kubrick, it’s that he oft said ‘let’s not be pedantic about this. Just flash some lasers and blast a pumping bass’.

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