Top 10 Melbourne Revelry On this week 18/11/2018

Rhapsodise in a week of day-drinking, night-drinking and music that isn’t disco. For the most part.


10) Netwurk One: KMLN, Dave Dinger, Esther Silex, Tiago Oudman, Get Popular and Sandee

24th November

A night of DJ partying and light show visuals with a disco edge Expect the latest in organic sounding forward thinking house and techno with a set including live drums and samples from KMLN on their first tour to Australia and Esther Silex too makes her debut with her elegant Cologne sound that saw her debut EP get an impressive home on studio barnhaus.

A night so assaultive to the senses you’ll be deaf, dumb and blind enough to engage in endless small talk the next morning with your co-worker Jan. Who’s just got a new cat. And it’s not working out.


9) Rhapsodise with Francis Inferno Orchestra + Kate Miller

24th November

Rhapsodise is coming to you with extra special, high-vibe-octane celebration of life at The Bottom End featuring the vibrant selectors Francis Inferno Orchestra and Kate Miller – two Australian exports and resultant talents on the international dance music scene.

A night of electrifying dance music so offensively loud you’ll wonder if this is not some secretive new manner of introducing capital punishment into the Australian legal system. Just…make sure you don’t have any outstanding warrants before you go is all we’re saying.


8) Four Pillars x Kisume Gin Lunch

24th November

Hosted by Four Pillars Creative Drinks Director James Irvine, enjoy a specially curated four-course lunch highlighting the unique ingredients of our Japanese-style gin including Tasmanian wasabi, sesame seed and yuzu.

Because if there’s any way to justify chronic alcoholism, it’s adding disparate gourmet-sounding foreign ingredients to them.


7) Soulfor Wine x Wax’o Paradiso

18th November

Get ready for an extraordinary day of food, wine and music. Wax’o Paradiso and Soulfor Wine will team up to bring you 180 additive-free wines to taste at the Meat Market with an all-day bar followed by an ‘outrageous’ disco.

We’ve already assumed the method behind the madness. No human is able to tolerate disco without at least a whole day of drinking behind them.’o-Paradiso/4299ef80-e9e4-11e8-b14f-a713526e5192


6) Daddy Day Care

24th November

A debut event of Daddy-Day Care. A 14 hour all-night party at Rubix featuring Spacey Space, Butters, The Milkman, Rob Lewis and some exceedingly troubling Freudian implications.


5) Don’t Think Launch Party

24th November

Don’t Think crew is presenting their first Solo (and legal) open air day party at the Fitzroy Beer Garden. At the very least it’s way to switch up your regular day drinking that usually consists of chugging whisky in the office toilet.’t-Think-Launch-Party/d199cba0-e9e5-11e8-b14f-a713526e5192


4) Cloud Nine: Day and Night

24th November

Cloud Nine is holding their first ever Day & Night party on the newly renovated Top Yard Rooftop the of Cloud Nine bar. From 2pm till the wee hours of Sunday morning, you’ll be tired, confused and just sober enough to be able to do a passable impression of being able to dance to (and enjoy) DJ club music.


3) Shiba San: Penny Black Day Party

18th November

One of the first day parties of the Summer, featuring a two hour set from French producer Shiba San. Recently named “Best House DJ” by DJ Mag France, Shiba San mixes Chicago house with French Hip-Hop. Nothing says ‘Australian Summer’ like a French DJ playing Chicago House music in a club named for an achievement of the British postal service in the 1840s.


2) Anh Do: The Happiest Refugee Live 

24th November

He’s the comedian that you introduced to your racist grandmother in an attempt to assure her that not all non-white people are actively monsters. It didn’t work, but at least you got a laugh out of it.


1) Melbourne Music Week

19th-24th November

Melbourne Music Week is here! It’s a nine-day celebration of the city’s thriving, world-renowned music scene, set in various performance venues, pubs and bars around Melbourne. The city will once again be alive with the newest experimental, folk, electro, rock, indie, pop and RnB artists doing their best to mitigate the horror of that thing that Americans call ‘Katy Perry’.

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