Top 10 Melbourne Revelry On this week 16/06/2019

Darkness descends. A hush falls over the streets. Oh god. Here they come. The indie bands.


10) Rings of Saturn Australian Tour 

19th June

What: Self-proclaimed Alien Death Core Texans, RINGS OF SATURN have announced their long awaited and well over due first tour of Australia and New Zealand! The bands fourth album, Ultu Ulla, was released in 2017 via Nuclear Blast and combines ultra heavy chug and groove with eerie soundscapes, soaring melodies and enough oddball fusion to truly make it a celestial event! Don’t miss one of the most enjoyable metal shows of the year!

Why: “One of the most enjoyable metal shows of the year”? We’re no experts in marketing but they could have at least tried to promote it.


9) Loscil, Rafael Anton Irisarri, Joe Talia & Eiko Ishibashi and Lost Few

21st June

What: The SUBSTATION and Room40 presents a night of beautiful electronic exploration through an impressive cast of ambient masters – Loscil (CA), Rafael Anton Irisarri (USA), Joe Talia & Eiko Ishibashi (JPN) and Lost Few. Drift across a night of ambient oscillation.

Why: Or just stay home, get drunk and watch Blue Planet. It’s pretty much the same except the Gin won’t be watered down.


8) Murder By Death and Laura Jane Grace & The Devouring Mothers Live

22nd June

What: Louisville KY indie-Americana quintet Murder By Death and Laura Jane Grace & The Devouring Mothers will tour Australia this June. This will be Murder By Death’s first ever tour of Australia with the band promoting their latest studio album The Other Shore.

Why: Never heard of them? No matter. As is the universal mark of quality, you can find them on Kickstarter.


7) Rubix presents Techno Mansion

22nd June

What: Back with a vengeance and by popular demand, Techno Mansion makes its debut reappearance at Rubix Warehouse. Come check out the spruced up venue, sound system upgrade, new lighting, LED’s and decor and brand new heating system to get you thoroughly warmed up…yes, Rubix is bringing you all the goods.

Why: Because techno raves just weren’t loud and sweaty enough already.


6) The Clouds Live

22nd June

What: The Clouds’ rocket-fuelled, baroque and whimsical songs defy description. Their shows have been hailed as exciting, invigorating and inspiring, leaving audiences lost for words. See for yourself.

Why: Well, it’s a new wave indie pop band. They don’t require a description. If you’ve never spent exorbitant amounts of money attempting to achieve the ‘hobo’ look, this band probably won’t appeal to you.


5) The Long Night

21st June

What: The longest night gives birth to the Pagan New Year. Come play, party and dance. Prepare for some deep house and techno sounds brought to you by some amazing and local up and coming talent. Let loose your wildest self; your pagan self calls. Expect a party like no other – after all it’s a killer New Years party. Just a bit more tribal than some.

Why: As we all know, that ancient peaceful nature-based culture was just mad for a good violent techno blast.


4) Boy George (DJ Set) 

21st June

What: Culture Club frontman & POP icon Boy George is one of the most recognised and in demand House Music DJ’s of all time. DJing in more than 70 countries around the world Boy George has headlined super-brands such as Godskitchen, Cream and Manumission. Following on from 6 consecutive sold out Sydney shows, Rodd Richards Presents are now thrilled to announce this exclusive, first time national Australian DJ tour.

Why: There’s no better role for someone guilty of violent sexual abuse than contemporary DJ club music producer. It’s practically a prerequisite.


3) Methyl Ethel 2019 Tour

20th & 21st June

What: Pscyhe-pop band Methyl Ethel have just announced a huge national tour in support of their new record Triage. Methyl Ethel is the musical project of Jake Webb. As a live band it expands to a five piece and includes Thom Stewart, Chris Wright, Lyndon Blue and Jacob Diamond. Methyl Ethel has enjoyed phenomenal successes over the last years.

Why: Imagine three very white people dressed all in white chanting over a pulsating hypnotic base whose fan-base is made up of those who fundamentally assert their superiority over the masses.


2) Billy Ocean 2019 Tour

19th June

What: Following his sold out 2018 UK tour, Billy Ocean has announced he is coming to Australia in June. This is part of his world tour, where he will perform his greatest hits and favourite tracks. He will be joined on stage by his super band to put on a show that will get everyone out of their seats. Billy Ocean’s recording highlights include a Grammy Award for Caribbean Queen and contributing the theme tune to smash-hit movie Jewel of the Nile.

Why: Your hearts will beat as one. You probably have the same style of pacemaker.


1) Anna Calvi Live

18th June

What: Globally adored for her commanding voice, virtuosic guitar work and uncompromising bravery, English singer-songwriter Anna Calvi will be showcasing her latest masterpiece Hunter for Australian audiences. Calvi’s signature vocals, so bold and striking, dart and weave around her dazzling guitar playing and synchronize perfectly with world class accompaniment supplied by Portishead’s Adrian Utley (keys) and The Bad Seeds’ Martyn Casey (bass).

Why: Contemporary music composed of actual instruments wherein no one will scream at you to ‘DANCE, BITCHES!’.

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