Top 10 Melbourne Revelry On this week 15/07/2018

Oil those guns and snap that latex-swaddled posterior, Melbourne. The only thing loose about this week is the moral code.


10) One Year of Pranava!

21st July

Oh, how sweet! It’s their anniversary. And you’re invited! Sure, psychedelic electronica is an odd theme choice for an anniversary but, hell, they’re only one year old and in a committed relationship. It was always going to be kind of messed up.!/a954ff40-8647-11e8-a29d-3b215eb5f5c0


9) Honey – Join The Hive

16th-22nd July

Join the hive mind, solider. It’s only a matter of time. Your last purely sentient act may as well be one of discernible agency. Also – free honey shot! Which we’re sure doesn’t contain any kind of mind-control device. Mind-altering? Well, that’s a different story.


8) Tromba Latin Fiesta

19th July

Sway those hips, sweetheart ’cause entry’s free, the booze is cheap and the chance of a staph infections is pretty low.


7) Hoi Polloi – The Uprising

14th July

Deep. Deep deep deep. Your pockets, we mean, of course. A very special Burning Seed fundraiser seeking to rage against the system and revolt and…uh…got any spare change, friend?


6) Kinematic Records Official Showcase

20th July

8 hours of lasers, stalls, jazz, psy trance and vinyl. It’s just like wednesday afternoon at your “uncle’s” house. but…you know…legal this time.


5) Eat The Beat Presents: Masquerade Party

21st July

Binging is a shameful affair. The cure? A giant Bojack-inspired horse head. Eat it. You sick, sad person.


4) Blue Diamond presents Smoke and Bourbon

20th July

Feeling hungry? Whisky helps. Those emaciated Brits during the gin era were really on to something. But don’t worry. You’ll not have to compete with their talent. For there’s a nice injection of the good old artery cloggin murican’ fare to compensate for your unschooled little liver.


3) Playroom Lust for Latex

21st July

Ahh. Who’d’ve thought the freest you’ll ever feel is when you’re suctioned into a skin tight latex suit with a zip over your mouth?


2) P!NK – The Beautiful Trauma Tour

16-22nd July

One hell of a pyrotechnical stunt spectacle to compensate for other possibly…lacking elements.


1) Kendrick Lamar

14th July

Damn. And we mean DAMN. That’s right kids. The hip hop behemoth is returning to Australian shores.

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