Top 10 Melbourne Revelry On this week 14/07/2019

It’s time to get down to the basics: flapper girls, EDM and Art Deco-era jazz.


10) AM/PM Emo Night

20th July

What: Melbourne, Emo Night is back in July! The Colonial are going to be serving up bangers all night to get you through the southern winter! Bands are headlined by UNFD’s latest signee’s Drown This City, and they’ll be playing Emo & Pop Punk tunes ’til well into the AM.

Why: And here we thought the ’emo’ thing was dead. Turns out, just like it’s devotees, it only wanted everyone to think it wanted to kill itself. It was never really going to do it.


9) I Remember House: Winter Warmer

14th July

What: Playing all your favourite vocal funky anthems from the early 2000s right up to now. Every song will make you go, “Omg TUUUNE!” DJs from Sydney and Melbourne will be playing a party full of hands-in-the-air anthems you know and love.

Why: We’re impressed. We didn’t think it possible to discern a tune from the majority of club music.


8) Free Dope + Enigma Sound feat. CERN

19th July

What: Over the past decade, Cern has entrenched himself as a strong presence in the global drum and bass scene, proving his skills in the studio are matched by his selection in the club. Come experience him live at this nighttime rave.

Why: What everyone wants in an experimental club DJ: Entrenchment.


7) Bassic Records 5th Birthday Showcase

19th July

What: One of Australia’s leading progressive techno labels. Bassic explores an incomparable sound of progressive, techno and house with a psychedelic edge or feeling of openness – often dubbed “bush techno”. This is an exclusive show which will be showcasing the best from Bassic Records.

Why: Every barrier within you will be opened up. Including the barrier that allows you discern the difference between ‘music’ and ‘malfunctioning synth’.


6) The Celestial Gathering: Full Moon in Capricorn

20th July

What: Under the full moon in Capricorn, come together once more for another night of techno, art and magic. Weaving together an art exhibition in the Celestial Gathering, magicians performances, custom made decor and the sultry soothing sound of progressive techno, an experience that is not your average night out is born.

Why: Remember, it’s not real magic. It’s psilocybin.


5) Direct — The Gaso (Day Party)

20th July

What: Direct is the latest day party offering coming in hot to the beloved Gasometer Hotel, boasting a day of disco, house and techno supplied to you by a spread of Melbourne’s finest such as: Spacey Space, Sammy La Marca, Rory Marshall, Casey Leaver and more.

Why: It appears disco is back. So that’s one thing we don’t have to worry about losing in the encroaching technological era. A.I. will never be able to move its hips like Travolta.


4) Skegss 2019 Tour 

14th July

What: Australian surf music and garage rock trio, Skegss, are hitting the road once more in support of their debut ARIA #2 album ‘My Own Mess’ and its new single and video ‘Road Trip.’

Why: Pop-rock so generic you don’t have to know the lyrics to sing along. You just need a straw fedora and infinite ways to revelate that what makes you so hip is that you have no life direction.


3) Dave Hughes 2019 Tour

18th, 19th & 20th July

What: Dave hasn’t had a haircut since last year’s Festival. His own fringe is now a face curtain. What has prompted this radical change – is it a crisis? Is he going through manopause? Why doesn’t he bow to his critics? What does his wife think? Does she even see him anymore? So many questions. Maybe some of these will be answered in his new show.

Why: Makes sense that he hasn’t had a haircut. His tooth gap is no longer enough to make his comedy noteworthy.


2) James Blake: Assume Form Tour

19th & 20th July

What: Blake has hit his straps musically and personally, allowing his devoted fanbase a glimpse into his innermost thoughts on his deeply intimate fourth record. Still riding the faders, pushing the envelope and questioning the listener with his knack for digital manipulation, it’s the beating heart ensconced within the tracks on Assume Form that will make these Splendour side-shows an unforgettable experience.

Why: If your innermost thoughts are characterised by electronic hipster music, see your doctor. You might have a brain tumour.


1) Childish Gambino 2019 Tour

17th July

What: CHILDISH GAMBINO has confirmed his return to Australia in 2019 after having to postpone his sold-out Australian tour in 2018. Confirmed at the top of this year’s Splendour in the Grass line-up and Spinoff Festival, the Grammy, Golden Globe and Emmy-Award winning artist will perform a run of sideshows through Perth, Melbourne and Sydney in July.

Why: You’ve already bought the ticket. Good thing, too. After the new Lion King film, you won’t want to hear his voice again for the rest of your life.


Special Mention

Erstwilder’s Art Deco Launch Party

19th July

What: Step back in time with Erstwilder as they bring to life the full experience, the elegance, the glamour and the luxury associated with the Art Deco period with their new collection. Featuring unlimited cocktails, spirits, beer, wine, sparkling and soft drinks, flapper girls there to greet you, grazing tables all night long and a live Jazz band playing jazz tunes for your dancing pleasure.

Why: Well, it looks like everyday we’re inching closer towards a period that history books will term ‘the pre-war period’. Why not raise a glass to the artistic movement that was busy dancing with flapper-girls just as Archduke Ferdinand’s brain exploded?’s-Art-Deco-Launch-Party/d72d9b50-a204-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192

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