Top 10 Melbourne Revelry On this week 12/08/2018

Cleanse your palettes now, Melbourne. For this week, you shall be feasting on figs, butter, sweetbreads and the pure tonic that is Bob Dylan.


10) Smoking Figs Album Launch

11th-12th August

You bet your hipster ass we’re plugging this one. And why not? You’ve read their band name. Even if you don’t like their music, you’re damn sure going to pretend you do.


9) Miss Ink 10th Anniversary Tour

18th August

Crack out the opera glasses. You’ll have never seen such minute detail upon Mickey Mouse’s erect penis until this event. An official competition for tattooed women to compete for the title of Miss Ink; 3 pageantry rounds, live entertainment and a full bar. …Yeah we’re guessing you’ll come out of this one with a few more permanent souvenirs than you initially hoped.


8) Gretta Ray EP Launch

16th August

Lyrical complexity combined with tongue-in-cheek anecdotes and a penchant for expressing heartache; this is one EP Launch that won’t make you question more than twice the excessive pointlessness of making EPs in the current era.


7) Self Love by Lilith Viper

18th August

Don’t worry. There be no yoga here. Nor Kombucha. This is the launch of an inaugural fashion collection exploring the themes of self-pleasure and sexuality culminating in a post-witching-hour after party at goth club, Cult Locker II.


6) Psycoptic/Archspire/Hadal Maw

18th August

The rawest gods of death metal Psycroptic, Archspire and Hadal Maw will be taking up arms (and probably consuming them live on stage) for one night in each Australian city. Get ready, mortals. Breathe deep. For this is perhaps the one time you will ever experience the fear-inducing silence before the assault…the assault heralded by the fiercest Canadian, Tasmanian and Melbournian warriors. Like we said…it’s a one time only kind of thing.


5) 8 Years of Butter Sessions

17th August

No. This isn’t the post-mortem report for that uncle whose barbecues were famous until his mysterious death at the age of 38. This is the celebration of 8 years of a new record label, with five live electronic sets and roughly 5 drinks per hour at The Night Cat.


4) 1927 + Pseudo Eco

18th August

They’re undeniable. Or so we’re told. Two of the biggest bands of the 80s 1927 and Pseudo Echo are teaming up for a double dose of nostalgia and the excessive drinking it tends to accompany.


3) Psychobilly Queen Competition

18th August

Finally. A Queen worth kneeling before. A night of balls(or whatever glorious organ)-out performance art for the psychobilly, rockabilly, punk, pinup and alternative scenes with live music, stalls and arguably more corsets per square metre than an event featuring the actual Queen.


2) Melbourne International Film Festival: Shock Me Program

3rd-19th August

Blush, Melbourne. Get it all out now, for they’ll have no truck for your prudish sensibilities. Gore, sex, pregnant werewolves, subversive hip-hop, orgies, drugs, race politics, serial killers, John Mcenroe…and that’s just the theme-drinks menu list.


1) Bob Dylan And His Band

13th & 14th August

Oh, we don’t need to sell you on this one. You’ve already bought the ticket.

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