Top 10 Melbourne Revelry On this week 12/05/2019

It’s time to tuck in your shirt and be a good kid. Thankfully, there’s an abundance of free-flowing liquor to help you through the transition.


10) Electro Swing vs Glitch The Circus 2.0

17th May

What: Roll Up Roll Up, enter funky town as you come back to The Circus! Watch must see acts, play with clowns and listen to some of Melbourne’s favourites in a not to be missed music extravaganza! They have formulated an incredible line up to keep you dancing on your toes all night! This event includes the E.P Launch of one of the best of the best with his incredible bouncy unique sound: Cheshire Music!

Why: Who knew contemporary techno spinners could release EPs? Probably the same people that instinctively know what ‘lit’ means without having to look it up on urban dictionary.


9) Welcome To The Palace

12th May

What: Share the love for house music from at the Fitzroy Beer Garden where drinks will be flowing and the tunes will be pumping! Creating the vibes for the day will be a selection of Melbourne’s up & coming DJs as well as home grown residents featuring: Big Mac, Mistral Men and Toby Timms.

Why: We’re glad they specified the amount of liquor that will be made available. There’s no way one can enjoy House music in broad daylight without a monsoon of it.


8) Sugar Republic Melbourne Night Session

17th May

What: What: Relive your childhood at the Sugar Republic! A huge ball-pit, a swing in a fairy-floss room, a giant jump-outable birthday cake, a mini cinema of the sweetest films, a sherbet rainbow bridge and a wall of sprinkles! This is the adults only session.

Why: Is there anything more viscerally discomforting than seeing a fully grown adult immersed in a candy-coated world for toddlers? Yes. Seeing them convulse in diabetic shock in a multi-coloured ball pit.


7) Lucid Dreams

17th May

What: Open your mind to the possibilities of Lucid Dreams. Join Contact High and let your consciousness and unconsciousness collide. Lose yourself and open your mind to the psychedelic music, visuals, art, dance and atmosphere. Lucid dreaming is a strange new world.

Why: A psychedelic music experience sure to make you ruminate on such things as “I can see why this requires Psilocybin”.


6) New York Beer & Whiskey Matching

13th May

What: A representative from the Australian distributor of Sixpoint Brewing will host the night as you discover the Art of the Boilermaker, matching a range of Sixpoint craft beers with a range from Widow Jane Whiskey out of New York – not available in Australia. Expect a showcase of some Sixpoint beers never seen in Australia before!

Why: Beer and Whisky, together forever. That’s the quote for the coroner’s report.


5) Mother’s Day Lunch in the Dark

12th May

What: What a great idea to say “I love you” to your Mum (or even your Mother-in-law) or your wife. Choose the lunch in the dark to experience an exquisite and original lunch guided by an incredible team of blind or vision impaired hosts. Designed by the Executive Chef Oblak, the surprise menu will challenge your senses. The fun part? You will get the chance to guess the menu at the end. The moment where you find out if you can trust your senses…

Why: The best part? She may be able to smell the several flasks of whisky it takes to be able to stomach her company, but there’s no way she can prove it.’s-Day-Lunch-in-the-Dark/ebcd9b40-7091-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


4) World Whisky Day at Highlander!

18th May

What: There’ll be bottles of single malt whisky to be won, specials on malt whisky flights, cheese & whisky paired paddles by Balvenie, whisky cocktail specials by Glendfiddich, scottish craft beer boilermakers, a delicious whisky wee bites menu, plus burlesque dancer ‘Whisky Falls’ will be performing her 30 minute shows with her musical accomplice upstairs in the Library.

Why: What better way to pay preemptive respects to your liver than a form of entertainment popularised in the long dead Victorian era?!/f43c60f0-7090-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


3) Wool Store: Jamie Jones Warehouse Party

18th May

What: Within the walls of the Wool Store you are transported out of Melbourne suburbia and into the European warehouse rave scene, where underground electronic music reigns and limits are constantly being pushed. Outside, patrons will find a contrasting open aired garden courtyard that will play host to the best in local talent as well as a complimenting contingent of art installations and food and beverage offerings.

Why: Just make sure you organise corporeal transport out of Melbourne suburbia. There’s nothing worse than waking up hungover to the sound of birdsong and the 4-Wheel-Drive revving of middle-aged depression.


2) GABS Beer, Cider & Food Fest 

17th-19th May

What: Be the first to sample up to 180 unique Festival Beers & Ciders brewed especially for this event, as well as 500+ beers and ciders from the very best breweries and cider makers in Australia and New Zealand. Enjoy delicious street food, including the all-new Yak Ales BBQ Heaven, marvel at circus and sideshow acts, roving bands, and dance to your own beat at the biggest ever Stomping Ground Silent Disco!

Why: Remember to pace yourself. It’s no longer considered a silent disco if you break the sound barrier singing the best of Men Without Hats.


1) Good Beer Week

12th-19th May

What: It is Australia’s preeminent beer event, the biggest single platform for local brewers and beer businesses to showcase themselves to a broad audience. This year’s highlights include Good Beer Mates London Hub, Boatrocker Beer School, Pint of Origin and, as always, the mainstage Festival Hub.

Why: It’s no longer a severe personal problem. It’s state-sanctioned binge drinking.

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