Top 10 Melbourne Revelry On this week 10/02/2019

This week is so full of Fests its toe has almost rotted off.


10) David Penn at onesixone

15th February

What: After being voted #2 across the world in house music in 2018, Dave has nothing to prove when it comes to lifting the roof off most events he is a part of. Alongside all your favourite onesixone Friday resident DJs, this will be a sell out!

Why: Funny, we always thought the fundamental part of a house was it’s roof. But then, we always thought that a fundamental part of music was genuine creativity.


9) Melbourne Deepcast + Overpast

9th+10th February

What: Melbourne Deepcast & Overpast bring you a bad vibe basement amnesty. Please form a disorderly line upon entry to exchange for vibrations. Featuring: C.K (Regelbau / DK), Nina (Working Women / NYC), Project 95 and DJ Regret.

Why: Or just sit on top of your malfunctioning washing machine set on high. You know. Like your hard-up mother did. In the basement. During the entirety of your childhood. Because your parents hated each other.


8) Dezza Down Under at New Guerns

15th February

What: Canadian producer Dezza is one of the world’s most in demand producers and DJ’s of todays progressive house scene. He will be making his Australian debut at this event, supported by some of the best local progressive and tech house artists.

Why: The problem with Australia is that it’s an island. So, we can’t just shove him so easily off into some other part of the world wherein he’s actually in demand.


7) Hot Mess with Chiara Kickdrum

15th February

What: Coming to your ears through a Function One sound system is a Queen of the Melbourne techno scene Chiara Kickdrum! Classically trained in piano in Italy and later exposed to electronic music after moving to Melbourne in 2004, Chiara has since moved into a well respected position in the Melbourne Techno movement through her dedication to a refined DJing technique and production of electronic music.

Why: You heard it, Melbourne. You’re responsible for turning a classically trained Italian pianist into a techno DJ. We hope you’re happy.


6) Equinox: Rooftop

10th February

What: An open-air Sunday afternoon party featuring some of the finest House selectors. The focus of this event is intimacy. The DJ’s will be one with the crowd. Genuine people only, pure energy, dance and happiness.

Why: Funny. We always assumed that people into House music weren’t genuinely enjoying it. Turns out life is far more depressing that we’d initially thought.


5) Red Pocket Press presents Queer Lunar New Year Party

16th February

What: Red Pocket Press will be launching their first zine and celebrating with a banquet of music, food and art. Get fed, support queer asian artists and nourish yourself in queer lunar new year joy. Wear your best threads to celebrate QLNY with us. Red and Gold for luck and joy.

Why: Thankfully, they’ve specified one thing so we don’t have to: “Absolutely no yellowface, blackface or any kind of cultural appropriation in your outfits. If you’re not Asian then leave the chopsticks out of your hair. Respectfully celebrate with us!” Huh. So that’s how you phrase: “Don’t be a racist asshole” politely.


4) Arteq Rooftop Party ft. Interstellar Fugitives

16th February

What: After letting the dust settle over summer and planning years ahead, Arteq is giving you legends something Arteq to dance too while the sun still pierces your skin. Arteq residents take you on a journey of precise musical programming with the help of two of the hottest ladies in the biz’ right now. Interstellar Fugitives make their Arteq debut and will make you move the way you want to move.

Why: We usually like to make a little joke about rooftop parties and skin cancer here, but we can’t think of a more uncomfortable way to describe it than ‘the sun still pierces your skin’.


3) Bruthen Blues & Arts Festival 

15th-17th February

What: Bruthen Blues & Arts Festival is a volunteer-run, family-friendly event which reflects the inclusive spirit of Bruthen and East Gippsland. The town puts on a showcase of stalls, music in the street, workshops, garage sales and of course music at the Bruthen Inn Hotel that is the best in its class.

Why: Blues music. Derived from “the blue devils”. Intense visual hallucinations due to alcohol withdrawal. Originating from the slave south. Now it references a state of general depression. What’s more family-friendly than that?


2) Babylon Festival 

15th-17th February

What: Babylon features an inspired curation of local and international live and electronic music artists, alongside a unique world of visual art, mindfulness and community exploration. Offering a vibrant atmosphere, revellers can participate in a variety of workshops, meander through the marketplace and food village and be free of everyday pressure, judgement and limitations.

Why: Yes. Free of pressure, judgement and limitations. Unless, of course, you don’t like the sound of a synth screwing a cat. Then you are not welcome here.


1) St Kilda Festival 

10th February

What: St Kilda Festival is a free celebration of community spirit, Australian music and the beautiful St Kilda foreshore with over 100 food trucks, over 80 unique market stalls, roving performers, art installations, face painting, a kids carnival and a sideshow alley!

Why: A celebration truly encompassing the troublingly minuscule attention span of grown adults and their progeny. This festival comes with a guarantee. Every time you spend over 5 seconds contemplating your own mortality, you get a balloon.

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