Top 10 Melbourne Revelry On this week 09/09/2018

Do your laundry, Melbourne. We’re taking you to the open seas and to the very fringes of your sanity. So. You’ll need clean underwear.


10) Mrs Hopper Turns One

15th September

And she’s already married? Holy hell, this is indeed a disturbing universe. No wonder she’s in need of a 12-hour-long day-into-night party. She may be barely legally a human, but one year of marriage can age the living hell out of you.


9) Troon Fest

15th September

You know what they say about the ol’ trooners. No? Yeah, we haven’t heard of the term before either. But we have heard tell of a hell of a good time featuring gypsy rockers, espresso martinis and Fox-y live local bands. This. This is the one we’ve heard of.


8) Intergalactic Crew ft. Phaxe & Metronome

9th-10th September

Ahh, space travel. But the fevered dream of a madman. So, cock your alien-blasting guns, cause this night of live psych DJs will surely, at least conceptually, resemble that dream.


7) Zanzara’s Den of Thieves

15th September

Suit up. Yeah, we don’t mean in your one pie-stained rental tux. We mean in your lovingly, expertly dry-cleaned freakiest costume, for Zanzara is hosting a one-night-only costume party and game night wherein the flag you fly can be from your darkest subconscious fantasy…and before you think up some quippy, context-relevant takedown of what we just said, just remember, we’ve never been ones for facing reality.


6) Poly at Polly

13th September

It’s a whole new world, Melbourne. A terrifying, horrifying new world. So plugs your ears, close your eyes and screw your living, loving brains out with any thing and everything you can. A night of polyamorous exploration. A night to stick it to reality.



14th September

To hell with extraneous letters. This is a night of rave. Pure rave. Though…you know…that annual check up with your doctor may not seem so extraneous after this.


4) Secret International

14th September

Quality music, a techno room, a psy trance room and a secret international guest…which…if we know you Melbourne, and we think we know you at least enough to know you aren’t American, will not require flaming torches and pitchforks.


3) Rock En Tu Idioma

14th September

Arriba, abajo, al centro y adentro! The best hits of Latin rock and Mexican rock will be setting Melbourne aflame and you better have your google translate out right now cause all you need to know is in that first little phrase we used.


2) Two Wrongs Turns Three

14th September

“A limited, selected, exclusive, elusive, Skkkrt Skkkrt, Private, Chap Lap Event”. We uhhh…we don’t know quite what to say to that, but all we can do here is say that you are required to dress in black tie and they have indicated the presence of snakes and “clothing optional gals”.


1) Melbourne Fringe Festival

13th-30th September

Time to whip out those scissors, for its the only time wherein giving yourself a haircut will pass for ‘alternative’ rather than ‘I got drunk and wanted to find my best self’.

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